Kaye Swain real estate agent likes Zeus for Westfield Galleria At Roseville Sacramento CA

A Cute ZUS for Boomers and Seniors

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It was a busy holiday week last week. I decided to do just sweet greetings for all of us boomers and seniors, multigenerational caregivers and grandparents yesterday and save THIS for today. What is THIS? A ZUS. A what?

Boomers seniors REALTORS can make good use of the ZUS smart phone charger and car finder


A ZUS is an intriguing little gadget that is actually quite handy in two different ways.

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to receive this high-tech and handy gidget in order to test it out and do a review. At first I thought, “no time.” But then they explained it to me and I thought, “I need to make the time for this. It does sound like it could be very useful for boomers and seniors.” I said yes, they sent it out, I got tied up with babysitting grandkids, and then got a lalapalooza of a cold, which kept me pretty quiet for a while. It could have been much worse though. I was blessed with a doctor who gave me an antibiotic. A friend waited to go in, and kept very VERY busy, and ended up with pneumonia. And this bug is definitely making the rounds of the country. So if you get sick, DEFINITELY take it easy this year!


I’m now happily healthy and have enjoyed test-driving (literally) this little tool that can be just as handy for boomers and seniors as for millenials – and everyone in between.

What is it? It’s a ZUS Car Finder and Smart Car Charger. It fits inside your cigarette lighter – better known in my car as the cell phone charger holder. And that’s exactly what a ZUS is. It can actually charge TWO cell phones at the same time. That would have come in VERY handy when I was driving grandkids to and from school, that’s for sure. One for my cell phone and one for my oldest grandchild’s. I will definitely make sure I have that handy in the future when we go out together. That way one of us doesn’t wind up with a dead battery on our cell phone.


Not only that. If you have an iPhone, it also comes with a special iPhone App (it also works on the Samsung Galaxy S5.) Keep the app turned on, and it can help you find your car. I don’t often go out to large parking lots nowadays so to start with, I test drove the app at my house in the driveway and around my home. It did get me right up to the car. That seemed pretty cool. I did notice that it, like my map navigational apps, does use my battery a little bit faster. So I turned the iPhone app off one day to save my battery when it was getting low. The next day, forgetting to turn it back on, I went to the Westfield Galleria at Roseville CA to get a very cute baby a very cute baby outfit from Gymboree. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. I haven’t give it yet. 😉 

I stayed much longer than I planned and by the time I came out, the lot was full and I wasn’t totally sure where I’d parked. I was so mad at myself for forgetting to turn the ZUS on. I could have had it say this:

Kaye Swain real estate agent likes Zeus for Westfield Galleria At Roseville Sacramento CA


Or this

Kaye Swain Roseville CA blogger boomers seniors REALTOR sharing ZUS 621 feetOr this

Kaye Swain Roseville CA blogger boomers seniors REALTOR sharing ZUS 150 feet reversed


Yes, the arrow is pointing in the direction you should head. Here is another shot I took. I was standing in the exact same spot as right above – BUT I had turned to go in the other direction. It’s so smart, it could even register that! (You’ll notice it says 20 hours – it does a great job of holding it in the memory. The battery itself is made to last a few weeks. Very cool for traveling.)

Kaye Swain Roseville CA blogger boomers seniors REALTOR sharing ZUS 150 feet .jpg

And then it hit me! I REALLY liked this little ZUS! It would have saved me walking an extra row or two! At that point, I remembered the time I met my folks in Las Vegas when they traveled there for business. I had rented a white car. We went over to some ginormous mall in Vegas (I rarely go there so have no clue what the name was 😉 ), parked, and went in. A few hours later, we came out and discovered that almost every car at that mall was, you guessed it, a white car! That sweet ZUS would have come in VERY VERY handy that day.


Another intriguing thing. When you are using the ZUS for parking, it will ask you if you want to set a reminder. If you don’t, it’s easy to ignore it. If you do, just click it and it will beep you when you need to be back at the car. If you park in timed parking spaces often, that could be quite handy.

Knowing me, I’ll still take a photo of the letter and number of my parking area down at the Sacramento International airport! Especially since, sometimes, covered areas or multilevel parking garages may not work as well with the GPS finder (with almost any GPS finder, actually). Plus, you know me, backups are wonderful things. But I’ll also make sure I have the ZUS app turned on in the future. And yes, it does a great job of charging my cell phone as well. So I will also be packing it with me if I go traveling again. It should make unfamiliar destinations much easier for finding my car. 🙂


Many thanks to the company, Nonda, for sharing this cool tool with me – to share with you. You can get more info about the ZUS Car Finder and Smart Car Charger. Just click here or here. It can definitely be a handy tool for a lot of people including boomers and seniors, not to mention busy REALTORS who sometimes forget where they parked their car at the mall because of thinking of clients’ needs – or cute baby gifts. 😉




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