Cute Yorkipoo snuggle puppy dog toy for the grandkids

Yummy Small Puppy Treats for Grand-Puppy Training

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This granddog posed cheerfully for grandma thanks to his fave small puppy treats

As a member of the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and helping with the grandkids, I enjoy hugs and kisses from a multitude of beloveds from adorable granchildren as young as 2 to sweet senior parents in their late 70s. These days, though, I am also experiencing “hugs” and kisses of a different type, from one cute granddog after another – and not JUST because they love the delicious small puppy treats I love sharing with them.

As a child, I grew up with dogs and cats. When I got married, we discovered cats worked best for our family. About 15 years ago though, that changed.  I discovered I was allergic to cats and to a lesser extent dogs. (That certainly explains all the colds I had growing up! 🙂

I am blessed that my kids took my allergies into account, did a ton of research, and ended up getting hypoallergenic dogs – YorkiPoos (Yorkshire and Poodle mix). I’m not positive they’re completely hypoallergenic. I did have a couple of sinus infections last year. Of course that could come from grandkids, senior parents, or even the cashier who coughed the whole time she was checking me out.

I will say, though, that I haven’t experienced any of the major nose running, eyes watering, and skin itching that I have experienced with other dog breeds.Over all, they are fun little dogs who dote on me. Well, actually, they dote on the Peanut Butter and Molasses flavor small puppy treats by Blue Dog Bakery that I buy at Walmart. These peanut butter and Molasses small puppt treats are the only pet treats I’ve found that these YorkiePoos absolutely love!

I started buying those pet treats when I babysat for a family with a cute puppy. She would hover by the door. The minute I walked in and hugged the kids, that adorable yet sneaky puppy seized the moment and was out the door and down the street! She loved her freedom! Each time she got out I had to juggle finding her with babysitting needs – not a great combination. So I started bribing, err, rewarding her with these pet treats as my contribution to her puppy training and it worked well. She took off less, and came back sooner.

Now my granddog, along with his little sister granddog, both love me to pieces because of these Blue Dog Bakery peanut butter small puppy treats. Not only that, I just discovered that Amazon carries these yummy pet treats as well as Walmart. Both are great ways to save money and time!  And all of that is quite helpful for babysitting both grandkids and granddogs! 🙂

How about y’all? Do you have any great grand-dog training tips! We’d definitely love to hear them. 🙂 And be sure to sign up for the free SandwichINK email for my latest updates.

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  1. Yummy Pet Treats for Grand-Puppy Training | Not only that, I just discovered that Amazon carries …

    • Marilyn Rich
    • January 18, 2010

    Yummy Pet Treats for Grand-Puppy Training | Not only that, I just discovered that Amazon carries …

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