Whether designer - orthopedic memory foam - or elevated - dog beds for granddogs are way spiffier than they used to be

Your Older Granddog Will Appreciate an Extra Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

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As a granny nanny – of grandkids AND granddogs – in the baby boomer generation, I have certainly seen a lot of changes over the years. I've seen black and white TVs give way to color. I've seen the rocket ships morph into cool space shuttles. And I've seen dog beds grow up from simple blankets on the floor to very nice extra large orthopedic dog beds.  This one has comfort foam for a comfy softness.

This extra large dog bed is also one of those great orthopedic dog beds for the granddogs in our lives with special needs.jpg

Now one of my granddogs, with whom I love to take walks and find love flowers to photograph with my easy to use digital camera (yup – that's where the top picture came from) doesn't have the orthopedic variety. His is a fluffy, comfy well-stuffed extra large dog bed that he absolutely loves!

My granddog loves his extra large dog bed - but if he ever develops bone issues - we will switch to one of the orthopedic memory foam dog beds

But I have another granddog who is getting on in years with achy bones (sounds like me 🙂 ), so he does need one of those large orthopedic dog beds like this cute golden retriever is modeling. In fact, he – like this sweet dog – prefers a memory foam dog bed.

My granddog who is older and has bone issues would really love this extra large orthopedic memory foam dog bed

I can't complain – since I sleep on a https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=as_li_ss_tl?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=2+inches+memory+foam+mattress+topper+pad&rh=i:aps,k:2+inches+memory+foam+mattress+topper+pad&linkCode=ll2&tag=activities-grandparents-grandchildren-20&linkId=cb882de3787652f40d2cd5c1529bc87d myself. They really do help all of us boomers and seniors who are "feeling our age," be we woman or granddog. How about your dogs and granddogs? Do they have extra large or extra small designer or orthopedic dog beds, blankets, or something else entirely? 🙂 

WooHoo - theres even a gorgeous RED easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera - perfect for the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors who love REDP.S. Isn't it fun to take photos of our grandkids and our granddogs? I love how my easy to use digital camera is so handy dandy for that and I love joining in with Sweet Shot Tuesday!  🙂 

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