My senior mothers gardening projects are all frozen over - but spring is coming

With Physical Activities for Senior Citizens Limited Due to Snow – Gardening and Bird Magazines Are Keeping Our Sandwich Generation Spirits High

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Fun and physical activities for us senior citizens, in the great outdoors, were few and far between last week due to LOTS of snow!


Last week snow - this week sun - next week maybe more snow - has this sandwich generation granny nanny head spinning


My senior mom is chomping at the bit to get back to her gardening but the snow just keeps on coming! Last week, we found her little winter pansies frozen over – 


My senior mothers gardening projects are all frozen over - but spring is coming



This week has been much nicer – sunshine warming us from the 30s up to the 50s! Our RED fire hydrant is totally out of the snow this week!

No snow so fun and physical boomer and senior citizen activities were the name of the game today


My mom and I have enjoyed a couple of extra walks, thanks to the nicer weather, with her all bundled up in her warm Blair fleece coat and RED mittens, and her cell phone for seniors tucked safely away in her pocket.


No snow but still cold so while we enjoyed fun and physical senior citizen activities we made sure to bundle up as we went walking with a cane for my senior mom who is wearing her favorite Blair fleece jacket coat


There is MORE snow coming this week, BUT there is HOPE as well – take a look at the buds on this tree! Hooray! 🙂


Buds are blooming - bringing joy to the senior gardening heart of my sweetly aging parent as well as my own baby boomer generation heart


Her sweet Kentucky birds and butterflies are calling her name, so my senior mom is also busy reading her gardening and bird magazines and a book or two and making grand plans. And I'll be buying those giant Mammoth Sunflower seeds soon so my grandkids and I can again plant the Sunflower House in the back yard! Can you tell we have spring fever in the middle of winter!


My senior mom and is enjoying reading a wide variety of gardening magazines from Birds and Blooms to Burpee catalogs and a vegetable gardening book as well



Thank goodness for bloggy fun like Sweet Shot Tuesday to help all of us in the Sandwich Generation get great photos full of your delightful family memories with an easy to use digital camera, as well as Rednesday to add a cheerful REDNESS to these soon to be cloudy, rainy, and snowy again days! Enjoy. 🙂

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  1. Well those were sure fun! I’m sure this is hard season for the seniors.

  2. Great shots! We were teased here in the south with 70 degree temps this weekend. However, high of 27 tomorrow. EEK! Ready for spring!

  3. Poor pansies! Winter is so long. Let’s hope spring arrives early!

    • Love and Life
    • February 1, 2011

    Such fun photos! The Hydrant is hilarious!

  4. Love your budding tree shot!

  5. I think I’ll spend the day reading gardening magazines and seed catalogs today. We’ve had 18″ of snow so far since yesterday, and it’s not over yet!
    Happy REDnesday!

  6. Wish I could send over some warmer weather from California!
    Happy Rednesday!
    Warm Wishes,

  7. I’m like your mom – every year I look through all the seed catalogs, circling items, tabbing pages . . . and dreaming of my picture-perfect garden that isn’t!

  8. Hi Carol, Hope your snow has eased up – ours is back at it. 🙂

  9. Ahhh Janet, I’d catch it too! 🙂 But I have to admit, snow is intriguing!!!! 😉

  10. LOL Sue, I can so relate. My senior mom has the gardening green thumb! My thumbs are all black except for a few special things like roses, sunflowers, and hydrangeas. 🙂 But then again – black is perfect for the computer keyboard! 🙂

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