The arrow points to the Sunflower House from last summer - what a difference

Winter Family Memories From Our Boomer and Senior Gardening Projects with the Help of The Easy to Use Digital Camera

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The weather keeps intriguing me – from sunny to snowy to rainy to sunny and everything in between!  While the snow lingers, though, I thought you might enjoy seeing our boomer and senior gardening projects in the midst of it, straight from my easy to use digital camera.

Remember the sweet Sunflower House

The Sunflower House in the summer was green and yellow and a fun boomer and senior gardening project for grandparents and grandchildren

We cut them down part-way, but left some for photos from my easy to use digital camera in order to show you an easy to see comparison. The black arrow is pointing to what's left. 

The arrow points to the Sunflower House from last summer - what a difference

And those tasty red tomatoes from my senior mom's small raised beds vegetable garden thanks to her gardening wagons? 

Yummy tomatos from my senior moms gardening projects

Frozen solid!!! Guess we should have picked them a bit sooner and learned how to make fried green tomatoes. 🙂

One of the last of my senior moms gardening projects - This poor little tomato is frozen solid - but they were sure yummy last summer

Definitely looks a bit different, doesn't it? Quite awesome, though, for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny who spent 50 years with almost no snow in her life! 

Hmmm, probably won't be playing tag outside today. Guess we'll use that sweet and easy to use digital camera to take more photos of Wii sports activities and games for grandparents and grand kids. I think I'll work on that tennis power serve. How bout you?  And for more fun photos, just check out Sweet Shot Tuesday. 🙂

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  1. Hi Kaye,

    What a great blog/website you have here! I am sure that many people are blessed by it.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the story of your great-grandmother’s quilts.

    Take care,


  2. Hi Kathy, Thank you. I really enjoyed your site as well – such lovely quilts you have! 🙂

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