Windows Live Writer Test – Even Caregivers Like to Experiment.

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I’ve been typing my posts into Word 2007 since it is supposed to be blog friendly. But I’ve noticed the formatting isn’t as neat as I would like. I love to learn and it works well around caregiving. I can carry books and notebooks with me everywhere to study in those scraps of time here and there. I have a couple of books in my cell phone, and some podcasts in my iPod. I admit it, I am a totally geeky grandma and caregiver and I love it!!! Right now I am learning more and more about blogging and today I discovered that the posting format problem is probably from using Word due to the fact that it apparently adds html code in without mentioning it. So I am experimenting with other options – starting with Windows Live Writer which I am using right this minute. I thought I’d let you know so that you could let me know if you notice any improvement or problems and so that you can learn along with me, in case you have or want to start a blog as well.

I did quite a bit of research and this program was recommended by several different bloggers. It is free and easy to download. I went to 

and clicked the button that says GET IT FREE. I added the information it requested, downloaded it, ran it, and now I have it. Since I have used Hotmail for years and Messenger as well, I am quite comfortable with Windows products so that is a big help.

So far it is looking good. The spellchecker flagged several words that were not misspelled, but with a simple right click, you can add them to its dictionary so no complaints there.

I just changed the font to my normal Times New Roman – 12 point. I had to look for it but it was easily found. It is under FORMAT, FONT. I would rather have it as an option on the menu bar but that’s not a biggie.

Now I’m going to try to insert a picture. I haven’t been able to do that successfully so I’m really hoping this will work. If so, I will be able to add some cute coloring pages for all of you grandparents to share with your little ones.

Here is is – time for a Sandwich Break with crayons :).


Some other features that look great – reminders to add categories and tags, an auto-save function, and a reminder to add a title. One thing I am not seeing is a signature option. I’ll have to check into that more.

Well, I have to admit, so far I really like it. So now I will post this for you to enjoy and also to let me know if you see any problems on your end.

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    • Brandon Turner [MSFT]
    • September 18, 2008


    I am glad you liked Windows Live Writer. We just released a new version(beta) yesterday. It has a font formatting button on toolbar. It also has a new spellchecker. You can get it here:!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!1533.entry

    There is still no way to add a signature, but you might be able to find a plugin to add one.

    Feel free to email me any other feedback!

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