Carefully going up and down the stairs on a rainy or snowy day with your grandkids can be fun and physical activities for senior citizens as well as the grandkids

Wii Sports Tennis Games Tips and Helps for All of Us Boomers and Seniors

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Great Wii games and activities for grandparents coasting into their seniors years and grand kids are turning out to be a mega boon for us with all the snow and cooooold weather we are experiencing. Now mind you, that's not the ONLY thing we are doing. Two of my grandkids and I had a great time at the bowling alley this weekend, where I tied one grandkid for first and, drum roll please, I actually beat him at air hockey! If I'm not mistaken, that's the first time I've beat him at much of ANYTHING for the last month! He's just getting SOOO good at games and leaving me behind in the shade – they all are! We also have kept our eyes open for creative ways for people over 50 (that would be me) and under 12 (that would be them) can raise their metabolism (that would be healthy 😉 ), so we took the stairs today instead of the elevator! Aren't you proud of us? 

Carefully going up and down the stairs on a rainy or snowy day with your grandkids can be fun and physical activities for senior citizens as well as the grandkids

We've also been enjoying Webkinz World with our virtual stuffed animals, where they've made some dramatic changes that I'll be filling you in on in another week or so. But those great Wii games do keep calling our names as well. Especially the Wii Sports Tennis. I LOVE tennis. But I'm having a hard time with the Wii version. I like it, but my grandson cleans my clock EVERY time and without even trying. I KNOW there has to be some rhyme and reason to it and I'm determined to figure it out.

Two things I have figured out are:

  1. When you play, it shows a split screen – one screen has your player up close, the other has it far away or vice versa. I tended to look at my far away player because it was always on the left side. Once I started looking at the close-up version of myself, I started doing better.
  2. My grandson taught me that, if I am playing alone (which is rare, but still) I could make all four players be my own character. That enables me to play all four positions – giving me extra practice and more exercise. 

I've also started reading my new book, Wii for Dummies, as well as finding some interesting sites and an ebook loaded with Wii Sports Tennis tips, tricks, secrets and surprises and thought you might appreciate them as well:

  • Wanderings has an interesting article, Wii Sports Tennis – Cheats, Tips, Hints. Be sure to read the comments as well, since there are more great tips in them too. My favorite was "The Super Slow Serve...Toss the ball up and wait until the last second to serve it. This generates very slow, high serve, but for some reason, human and bot opponents struggle with the return." I can't wait to try that one out tomorrow!
  • StrategyWiki’s Wii Sports Tennishas basic instructions, along with some good bonus tips, tricks, and info.
  • An ebook for the Kindle, EZ Cheats Video Game Cheats, Tips and Secrets For Nintendo Wii & DS 2nd Edition  by The Cheat Mistress is an interesting read. It covers so many topics there are only a few for each game and platform, but enough that I felt like I got my $3.99's worth. These included a couple of good tennis tips, including how to change the regular playing field from green to blue (which another site mentioned might earn extra points). The only thing I don't like about it is the name. My kids and I all know it's based on a "cheat sheet" – a legitimate nickname for a study guide. But when I mentioned the name in front of a grandchild, they got quite indignant at the idea of cheating. Very amusing and very smart of him, but as I explained, we aren't really cheating – just learning some tips and tricks to help. Still and all, I decided I'd share the ideas, without mentioning the title to them. 🙂 

Well, time for me to close this up and go do some Wii Sports tennis practicing. Can't let air hockey be the only thing this Sandwich Generation granny nanny is good at with my grandchildren. How about you and great Wii games and fun for you and the kids and seniors in your life? What are your favorite Wii Sports Tennis tips? I'd love to know – REALLY!!!! I need ALL the help I can get. If you do, too, you'll be happy to hear there will be more to come. 🙂

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    In 2 weeks, I’ve got something really cute planned for Valentine’s Day, so you’ll love some of those projects (especially a coffee filter one) to do with seniors and children–so fun!!!

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