Pink Wii Console is perfect for the Sandwich Generation family from elderly seniors on down to cute granchildren Not to mention all us PINK SATURDAY enthusiasts

Wii Pink Skins + Fun Wii Games for Seniors and Grand kids + Intriguing PINK Remote Controller = PINK Saturday Wii Fun for the Sandwich Generation!

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Jeopardy is another of the fun wii games for seniors and kids to help exercise our brains

It’s PINK Saturday! And since the Nintendo Wii – with all the great wii games for everyone in the family – from grand kids to seniors – has been on my brain big time this week, I had to tell you about a blog visit I made during the last Pink Saturday. I popped in to visit Lynn at The Vintage Nest, (she was one of the SandwichINK winners for the Salonpas Large Pain Relief Patches and Digital Picture Viewer giveaway – CONGRATS AGAIN, LYNN)

Pink autumn flowers are perfect for Pink Saturday - great timing for these fall garden mums from my senior moms gardening projects

and lo and behold, I found another Wii fan, complete with a cute picture of her brand new Wii Pink Steering Wheel that holds the Wii remote controller. It’s quite cute!

Pink Wii steering wheel holds the remote controller - fun for the whole Sandwich Generation family

I loved her comment, “Guess what one of my Christmas gifts was?  A PINK steering wheel of all things……..for the Wii game I also got from my children.” You know it’s perfect for the Sandwich Generation when the grandparents, kids, AND grandkids are all giving them and playing them – from Mario Brother games to Wii Sports bowling I’m telling you, this whole Wii Fun and Fitness games can be  a lot of fun for all of us!  Our grandkids will think we’re the cat’s  meow AND the bee’s knees. And on top of all that, we can keep our brains and bodies more active as well and, hopefully, more healthy. Talk about a win-win-win!

Only one problem on this Pink Saturday with all these Wii – there’s a red, a white and a  black Wii console. And Lynn has the pink steering wheel. But so far, I haven’t found any pink Wii Consoles – though, who knows – maybe that’s coming soon for an upcoming Breast Cancer awareness program (hint, hint Nintendo!). But, good news for all of us PINK enthusiasts –  there are Nintendo Wii PINK SKINS!  (Skins are the covers for the remote controller, console, box, etc. – like this…


For even more Pink Saturday Fun for the Sandwich Generation, just click here. And to see more great Wii games that are great for seniors as well as the grand kids, you can click here.



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  1. Wii Pink Skins + Fun Wii Games for Seniors and Grand kids + …: Combine Nintendo PINK Wii skins, an intriguing …

  2. Wii Pink Skins + Fun Wii Games for Seniors and Grand kids + …: Combine Nintendo PINK Wii skins, an intriguing …

  3. Wii Pink Skins + Fun Wii Games for Seniors and Grand kids + …

    • Mary
    • January 8, 2011

    Excellent post as always Kaye. Thanks for all the great resources.

  4. Wii Pink Skins + Fun Wii Games for Seniors and Grand kids + …: Combine Nintendo PINK Wii skins, an intriguing …

    • Pat
    • January 9, 2011

    Wonderful post, Kaye.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch. I keep my Canon G11 as a back up camera. It has worked great. My “big” camera, the Rebel T2i, decided to quit! Going to see about getting it repaired, this week. I miss it, as photography is my hobby and it is my main camera.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Oh Pat, You have my great sympathy. A couple of years ago I had finally found a really easy to use digital camera (an older Canon Powershot) so I was really enjoying photography so much more than in the past. When I dropped it last year, I found that, while it was still easy to use to take the pictures, I couldn’t see them in the view finder any more! I kept using it for awhile, but then it started “getting worse,” and eventually I really couldn’t use it. I REALLY missed it. I finally broke down and got another Canon Powershot and was so glad! And the nice thing was, the new one had this great thing called image stabilization, which makes for better pictures for this Baby Boomer with less than steady hands. 🙂 Hopefully you will get your camera fixed quickly and easily and even better than before. 🙂

  6. I am checking into a WII. I think we would love it. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  7. Hi Char, They are, indeed, a lot of fun. There is bit of a learning curve though – I’m writing about some helps for that on Mondays for the next couple of weeks. 🙂 I had a great time playing tennis with my oldest grand last night – it was touch and go and I almost beat her, but she pulled it through and trounced me at the end. 🙂 I could definitely see having fun with this all on my own, though, too, since they have computer “people” to play against you – great exercise for the snowed-in days we are anticipating this week. 🙂

  8. I must confess that I’ve never laid eyes on a Wii! But I DO think that everything should be made in the color pink, so that we pink lovers have the option to surround ourselves with that color!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Very definitely, Carol! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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