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High blood pressure information continues to be in the news lately in a big way and it definitely impacts our elderly parents as well as those of us caring for the elderly relatives in our family! According to an article in Medical News Today, high blood pressure may, indeed, be a predictor of how Alzheimer’s Disease dementia symptoms could impact our aging parents. Not only that! According to the Mayo Clinic, “high blood pressure that occurs even as early as middle age can increase the risk of dementia in later years.” That means we need to stay on top of any symptoms of high blood pressure for ourselves as well as our elderly parents and relatives!

As the article by Dr. Armughan, 10 Misconceptions About High Blood Pressurereported, though, there aren’t necessarily ANY symptoms of high blood pressure. That makes it vital that we get ours and our aging parents’ blood pressure checked regularly. If you each visit your family doctor regularly, that should be no problem. If it’s been quite a while, it’s probably very important to call for a check up. 

It’s also important for us to realize that anyone with dangerously high blood pressure could (though again, not necessarily) actually have high blood pressure symptoms. WebMD has an excellent article, Symptoms of High Blood Pressure, detailing several possible things to look for including severe headache, vision problems, chest pain, and more. As they point out, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that if you or your aging parent are experiencing any of those symptoms listed here or at their site, you MUST see your doctor immediately – and possibly even call 911!

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has an excellent, online pamphlet to help us all work smart to lower our blood pressure. It includes their healthy diet suggestions, as well as providing the answers to many of our questions, such as:

  • What is considered the normal blood pressure range?
  • What is above average blood pressure and high blood pressure?
  • What would be some natural remedies for high blood pressure?
  • Are there any foods that lower blood pressure?
  • How can I prevent high blood pressure?
  • How can I control high blood pressure?
  • How do I deal with the medications for high blood pressure?
  • And many more.

Their brochure, Your Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure, is an excellent resource for the Sandwich Generation and their aging parents. 

Since there aren’t usually any symptoms of high blood pressure and because so many people deal with it, it can be easy for those of us caring for the elderly to ignore it. It’s definitely important that we pay attention to our bodies, our calendars, and our health needs and stay on top of this “silent killer.” Especially now that it may also be a “silent precursor to dementia symptoms!” 


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