Granny Nanny and Grandpa love their grandkids

Who Else Wants to Know They Are A Granny Nanny?

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I just discovered something of interest to all of us Sandwich Generation grandmas who are the primary babysitters for some or all of our grandkids. Did you know there's a cute name for us?  Besides grandma, of course, or MeeMaw, or Nana, or…. We can also be called – GRANNY NANNIES!  🙂

Not only that, did you know we have a LOT of company! According to AARP's article, The Granny Nanny Phenomenon, in 2008 5.3% of homes had more than one generation living together and 6.2 million grandparents have moved in with their adult children to help with their grandchildren. That doesn't count all the grandparents, like myself, who help a large percentage of the time but who live in their own homes. That means we are a big presence and that's exciting!

There are several reasons for this growth given in that and other articles, including the faltering economy as well as both parents working but wanting a safe care giver for their children. Another important reason includes helping out with grandkids who have special needs requiring multiple doctor appointments, therapy appointments, etc. And, of course, one of my favorite reasons – the opportunity to have a positve spiritual impact on our grandkids, just as Timothy's grandma, Lois, did alongside his mother, Eunice. 

I love how Singleminded Women's writer, Marsha Temlock, put it in the title for her article, "Granny Nannies Have a Special Calling." That's exactly how I feel. That God has called me to help and encourage these precious souls and minister to them and their families. It's such a blessing for them, as well as being a tremendous blessing for those of us doing it. I'm so glad I'm a part of this growing trend, aren't you? 🙂

I do have one important question, though. If we grandmas can be called Granny Nannies, what cute name do you grandpas get to enjoy? We certainly don't want you to feel left out. Any suggestions?  We'd love to read them. 🙂

If grandmas are granny nannies what are grandpas


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    • Kaye Swain
    • March 11, 2010

    New at SandwichINK:: Who Else Wants to Know They Are A Granny Nanny?

    • Cindi
    • March 14, 2010

    Interesting! I would consider myself a primary care giver for the grandkids, but I certainly do more than my share of picking them up from daycare, babysitting during the day or evening & weekends! I do enjoy it, but it’s overwhelming sometimes, especially since I still work FT.

  1. Hi Cindi, Sounds pretty primary to me! 🙂 And you do a great job at it as well! 🙂

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