What is the Largest Print Bible available? What I Discovered When Searching For One

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My beloved senior mother developed cataracts. She was able to have surgery for them and ended up seeing better than before. Another sweet beloved, on the other hand, developed macular degeneration and gradually lost more and more of her eyesight. Eventually there was little she could read. I was so proud of her as she even learned Braille. But as she aged, she eventually forgot how to read the Braille and really missed being able to read her Bible.  In the process I started wondering, “What is the largest print Bible available?”

super giant print Bible with 24-point in King James Version
One of the awesome 24 point Super Giant Print Bibles

I did some digging and discovered a King James Version 24 point Bible on Amazon. The print is so big you have to buy it in a series of volumes. So I sent her the volume with Galatians – Revelation which she loved and she was so happy to get it!  That particular Bible is simple paperback and has no footnotes, maps, etc. which she was quite fine with.  Since it was paperback and split into different volumes, it was light enough for her to pick up and hold. The important fact for both of us  is that the print is wonderfully large and so easy to read.

NASB 1995 Large Print Bible

My New American Standard Bible 1995 also called the NASB 1995 large print Bible

I have eye issues as well though not what she had. So far I am fine with my Bibles, though I did upgrade to a New American Standard Bible 1995 (also affectionally called the NASB 1995 large print Bible).  I decided to purchase my New American Standard Large Print Bible  for the comfort of my eyes and I love it!  In fact, they call it “comfort print.” I had never heard that expression before but it’s very apt. It’s much more comfortable to read.

When choosing a Bible for someone who is having visual issues, particularly if they are almost blind like my sweet senior

, it is so important that we select a version that accommodates their needs for enhanced readability. A giant print Bible can be a significant aid and encouragement to them. Here are some essential factors to consider to ensure the selection is both practical and enjoyable for the reader:

1. Font Size

The most critical feature of a giant print Bible is the font size. Standard print Bibles typically use a font size of around 8 to 9 points, but a giant print Bible should have a font size of at least 14 points. For those with severe visual impairments, even larger fonts—ranging from 16 to 24 points—may be necessary. And, of course, if possible, it’s important to consult with your loved one to find out what size is most comfortable for them.

2. Font Type

The style of the font is also important. Fonts that are clear and easy to read, such as Arial or Verdana, can make a significant difference. These fonts avoid decorative elements that can blur the letters together, making them easier to distinguish. Now, whether the companies tell you what the font is, I don’t know. I haven’t noticed it before but I shall definitely be looking for it going forward. And as I mentioned above, Zondervan specifically refers to their font on my NASB as “Exclusive Zondervan NASB Comfort Print typeface” and it is called Super Giant Print. On the back of the cardboard cover it also tells you that it is 16.5 point print size.

Genesis 1 in my large print new american standard Bible

3. Contrast and Color

High contrast between text and background significantly enhances readability. Most Bibles have black text on white or off-white paper, which is generally effective. You do need to watch for Bibles where the paper is so thin it’s harder to read because the back page shows through a bit. I’ve seen that and hate those. You can see some bleed-through on the photo above but most of that is due to the camera. For me for reading, it is much less and has not been a distraction or a hindrance.

4. Paper Quality

The type of paper used in the Bible can affect how much light is reflected, which can cause glare. Matte finishes are preferable because they reduce glare and make the text easier to read under various lighting conditions.

5. Binding and Cover

The physical bulk and weight of the Bible are also important, especially if the individual prefers or requires a physical copy over digital formats. Lightweight materials and a comfortable grip on the cover can make the Bible easier to handle. Also, consider the durability of the binding, especially if the Bible will be used frequently. The hard part is that with the large print you are likely to get a larger heavier book for them to handle. That’s why I really appreciate the paperbacks from Genesis Press. They aren’t “pretty” like the leather Bibles. But they aren’t super heavy either. So very practical for an elderly senior or someone with other health impairments.

6. Navigational Aids

Features like thumb indexes and ribbon markers can help individuals with visual impairments navigate the Bible more easily. These aids allow users to find specific books or passages without straining their eyesight. However, they could be confusing for older seniors who may be in the beginning stages of dementia or who have physical impairments including severe arthritis making it hard to handle those. So be sure to factor all that into your decision.

7. Personal Preferences and Specific Needs
Of course we always want to consider our loved one’s personal preferences and specific needs. However, they may have to be flexible with the version or translation of the Bible. Depending on the size the company, their choices may be limited. But for those who truly love the Word of God, I suspect most will be thrilled with whatever they get as long as they can read it. 😀

What happened when I asked what-is-the-largest-print-bible-available Pinterest Pin

So Glad I Asked Myself, “What is the Largest Print Bible available!”

When I started out on this process, I only thought “what is the largest print bible available,”  Once I got involved in the process, I came to realize while looking at the somewhat small variety of extra large print bibles out there that it could be a bit of a challenge.  Selecting a giant print Bible for your friend or family member who has severe visual issues definitely can  require careful consideration of many varied factors,  including font size, paper quality, and the size and weight of the Bible. By thinking all this through before you buy, you will have a head start as you choose a Bible that can not only meet their needs but also be a sweet blessing to them for their spiritual study and daily living.

Now, the ones I found may not be the absolutely largest print Bible available but they are wonderfully large print. And while you may not be able to give your loved one everything they have used in the past, you can give them the precious Word of God in a way they can see better and they will most likely be as thrilled as my sweet beloved to have the Bible they can read and enjoy it as a source of comfort and guidance despite their visual challenges.

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