WebkinzStuffed Animals Memories While Looking Forward

Webkinz Stuffed Animals and Webkinz World Fun Activities For Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Webkinz World and Grandkids Memories

Webkinz World and Webkinz stuffed animals will be long engraved in my mind. My grandkids and I had so much fun with them. They are full of fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy – whether they live nearby or long distance!

My first set of grandkids have all grown older and gone on to other fun endeavors including Minecraft, Roboblox, and LEGOs. Happily one of my oldest grandkids and I enjoy a long distance game of chess via iPhone. We each make 1-6 moves per day with occasional texts and it’s one of the highlights of my day. 🙂 More highlights include the Hangman games via phone I enjoy with another. iPhone games are fun here and there. And chats with various grandkid phone buddies are also sweet joys.

Webkinz Update 2017

Like all technology, there have been many changes to Webkinz World and their policies since I wrote my multi-post series on Webkinz World and activities my grandkids and I enjoyed.  While some still applies, I imagine there are many things I wrote about that no longer work. But YES, Webkinz world is still there and still located at www.Webkinz.com. And apparently, even though I haven’t used my account in some time, it is probably there although archived. “What if my account has been archived? After 18 months of inactivity we will archive an account. For security purposes, during the archiving process, we remove all information associated to the account other than then User Name and Password. If your account has been archived and you wish to reactivate it, please have your parent contact our Customer Support team at webkinzsupport@ganz.com . If an account remains inactive for a period of 7 years, Ganz will then delete that account.”

Webkinz World Book

Fortunately, there’s a fairly new (October 2016) Webkinz book available to help old and new users on Webkinz World.  I’ll be buying that along with my next Webkinz Stuffed animal at such time as one of my grandkids is ready to start up. It comes as a paperback OR an Audible book. Nowadays, Audible is my fave way to go as I can listen while driving on errands. A win-win for me. How about for you? 🙂

Webkinz Stuffed Animals to Come

Yes, I suspect I’ll be back to Webkinz in the not-too-distant future with a couple of younger grandkids who may decide to give it a try. And happily, one of the many things that has NOT changed is that there are plenty of adorable Webkinz stuffed animals out there. They make such fun Christmas and birthday gifts. Even the grandchildren that aren’t into Webkinz World love those plush stuffed treats!

Webkinz World Changes

Pink Poodle Webkinz Stuffed Animals from the older grandkids for the younger grandchildren

While doing some fun research (not to mention a bit of a walk down memory lane – isn’t our Pink Webkinz Poodle adorable!), I noticed that Webkinz World has new options. In addition to getting a regular membership to Webkinz World by buying a Webkinz Stuffed Animal, you can also upgrade once you get to Webkinz World. The upgrades include several fun activities and options. And the nice thing is, you can do month to month or annual. Personally, I think the regular membership is plenty of fun. But of course, options are always nice to have.

Speaking of options, you also have the option to create a free, albeit limited, account. It’s a great way to “test drive” with your grandkids to see if they will like it. Then you can purchase a cute Webkinz Stuffed Animal with a code for full access. Here’s the link to see a comparison of each type of Webkinz World account.

Webkinz Stuffed Animal Quality

Kaye Swain looking forward to Webkinz stuffed animals world with newest grandkids

One great thing about Webkinz – each stuffed animal we’ve bought has been very good quality. My grandkids continued to enjoy the stuffed animals long after Webkinz World had lost their interest. We still have a couple of them at my house that my littlest grandbaby thoroughly enjoys playing with, including the cute little Webkinz Lil’kinz polar bear above. Sweet smiles for both of us. Another thing I appreciate is that the price range includes choices for many budgets – a big help for grandparents who might be buying for several grandkids!

Webkinz Fun To Come

For now, I’ll keep enjoying Chess and Hangman with my long distance grandkids along with fun Toddler Songs and Books with my local grandbaby. But in a couple of years, I’m sure I’ll be buying a new Webkinz Stuffed Animal and Webkinz World membership – maybe several Webzkinz Stuffed Animals. I’ve noticed that when one grandkid discovers them, they can be quite contagious. How about you? Do you still enjoy Webkinz World and the cute animals? Or are you just starting? We’d love to hear. 🙂


WebkinzStuffed Animals Memories While Looking Forward

P.S. This could be considered Part 12 of that past series of Webkinz. For any who are curious about Webkinz past info, just click here. 🙂

Looking to buy some Webkinz Stuffed Animals for your sweet grandkids. Click on any of the photos above plus here are some more adorable ones:



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