Fun Webkinz stuffed animals and birds include the Webkinz Rooster of Fridays post and this lovely young Webkinz chicken

Webkinz Stuffed and Virtual Animals – Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren – Part 5

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Fun Webkinz stuffed animals and birds include the Webkinz rooster from Fridays post and this lovely young Webkinz chicken

Don't you love this cute Webkinz Chicken? After I featured the Webkinz Rooster for our "Show Me Your Rooster" blog party post, this little chick felt quite left out. So I decided to feature her for our newest article in the Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals series just in case any of you other rooster and chicken fans were wondering if there might be a matched set. So, with no further adieu, I officially introduce you to Ms. Webkinz Chicken – best friend of the Webkinz Rooster.  (I'm having way too much Rooster-ific fun with this blog party! 🙂  ).  Moving right along…

Last week, I explained how to get your own garden room for your Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals, as well as how to buy the fruit and vegetable seeds. It's the beginning of some fun computer gardening activities for grandparents and their grandchildren.

Today, I'm going to detail how to plant and care for your Webkinz garden:

1. Open your Webkinz garden room by going to Things To Do (bottom right) and click MY ROOM (top left column).

Click on my room to start your Webkinz garden

2. If you haven't made any changes, it should open in the garden room/yard you bought. If you did a bit of exploring, though, you might have to go back to your garden room. To do that, just click on MAP, then click on the room you want, in my case it is Frog's Back Yard,

My Webkinz Stuffed Animals each have a frog yard

3. Wait patiently for the "furniture to load," then the MAP will reappear. Just click the X in the top right corner, and voila, your blank slate garden room.

Now I have a clean slate yard - perfect to plant seed for my Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals

4. Grab the seed packets you bought in the last tutorial that are now in the row at the bottom, using the scroll bars on either end to move the items left or right.  (If you don't see them anywhere, first click GET ITEMS FROM STORAGE in the middle bottom)

How to get your virtual Webkinz Stuffed Animals supplies out of storage

5. Now you should be able to find your seeds, though you might have to use the scroll bars on each side, or the blue organization button. 🙂

Now you can get your seeds - if we need to scroll down - just click on the Show menu

6. One at a time, drag them up to the green lawn and arrange them as you wish. They'll then pop out your brand new plants for you.

Thought my grandkids and I could celebrate autumn with a pumpkin for their Webkinz stuffed animals

7. Make sure to leave room for your virtual Webkinz stuffed animals to move around in order to "care" for them. (One time I didn't leave enough room and he couldn't water some of the plants. NOT good for the poor plants. 🙂 )

8. Each day or two, go to the garden room. Once there, click on any one of the plants. (It might take one – two tries. If you get the move – remove – ok box, that enables you to move the plants to another area. But if you don't want to do that, just click OK )

Moving seed crops around the Webkinz stuffed animals garden

9. Eventually you'll get a message saying "Do you wish to start gardening?"

Do you wish to start gardening with your Webkinz animals

10. Click yes. Then you'll get a little menu – Click on Inspect and you will then get the tape measure.

Click on inspect to get the tape measure to check your Webkinz Stuffed Animals crops

11. Go over each plant and it will tell you whether you need to rake, water, dig, or harvest. These plants are brand new, so the tape measure tells me I just need to water each one, which I just did.

Make sure to water your Webkinz Stuffed Animals crops regularly

12. Let's go see how my other garden is doing, shall we?

Aaaack, I've been so busy with all the fun Kitchen Roosters party-ing, I haven't taken care of the garden. Notice the yellow and sad looking crops in all but the far right plot. Those will all have to be dug under and start over. 🙂

When we and our Webkinz stuffed animals forget to care for the garden - they look really sick

13. I caught the last plant in time though, so it just needed raking. Once in a while, the Webkinz site does act up a bit (just like our Baby Boomer bodies 🙂 ). For some reason, I couldn't click on this one garden plot – for love or mud! I went ahead and logged out, then logged back in. This time it just sat there for a bit.

One of my crops survived and just needed raking

I've learned to look in the bottom left corner, where it may say, PLEASE WAIT.

If the Webkinz Stuffed and Virtual animals website starts freezing, you will usually see PLEASE WAIT in the bottom left corner

This is especially common on weekends and holidays. (Kind of like trying to use the internet on Christmas when zillions of people just opened new computers for gifts. 🙂  ) At times like that, we may try one or two more times to log on. If no success, we just go do something else. It doesn't happen often, but I did want you to know about the possibility so you wouldn't worry. And now you can explain it to your grandkids and they will be SO impressed with their brilliantly geeky grandparents. 🙂  🙂  🙂

14. My site finally started working again and I was then able to dig up the last plant successfully, so now I have several brand new crops and one that should harvest soon.

Now my crops are all back and looking good and one should provide a harvest soon - more food for my virtual Webkinz stuffed animals

15. Harvest means your plants are done, at which point you will click on the finished plant and the fruit or vegetables will wonderfully appear down below. The plant will now start over as a new plant. And you can use the harvest to feed your Webkinz stuffed virtual animals, gift them to your grandkids through the Webkinz post or sell them at the W-Shop. (We'll cover that next week.)

To quote one of my grandkids – this was an easy-peasy one – other than the site freezing up. 🙂 I do hope you are having fun with these Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. We'd love to hear how it's going, what stuffed animals you have, or any tips you have discovered. And…


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