Webkinz Stuffed and Virtual Animals – Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren – Part 4

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The Webkinz Bengal Tiger is a good reminder for our Bible Memory Verses that Love is not easily angered

It’s part four of our Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals activities for grandparents and their grandchildren – with fun ideas for both close up and long distance grandkids. 

In part 1, we went over the basics of getting into Webkinz and discussed purchasing one of their stuffed animals, such as this adorable Webkinz Giraffe

This cute Webkinz giraffe reminds us of 1 Corinthians 13 - Love is not rude

that match up with the Love Is… Bible Memory Verses activities we are working on as we learn more about 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 and 13.  The giraffe helps us to remember that Love is not rude.

Love is - 1 Corinthians 13 - not proud - not self-seeking

In part 2, we learned how to play a tournament game with our grandkids – whether they are in the same room or thousands of miles away.

In Part 3 we covered some of the basic ways to earn Webkinz money so we can keep our virtual stuffed animals healthy and happy AND so we can send the occasional fun and virtual gift to the grandchildren.

Today and next week, I wanted to share another way to earn some Webkinz money and help our grandkids learn a bit about responsibility. Always a fun thing. As you know, senior gardening and the grandkid Sunflower House gardening activities are big around our house. Guess what! So is virtual gardening, and in this case, it can pay off in food for our pets AND Webkinz money. 🙂 Here's the scoop:

1. Buy a Webkinz garden room – Click on THINGS TO DO in the bottom right corner.

2. Click on MY ROOM at the top of the first column

Click on my room to start your Webkinz garden

3. Click on MAP at the top left of the picture

Click on MAP at the top left corner of the Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals room page

4. A box will appear – in the top right corner of THAT box, click on BUY

Click on BUY in the top right corner of the new box to buy a Garden room for your Webkinz stuffed virtual animals

5. Several dotted line boxes will appear – click on one to select where you want your new room to be.

Click to put your new room whereever you want on the Webkinz map

6. A new box will appear asking what type of room you want to buy – click on the green GARDEN ROOM – it is currently $1000 in Webkinz money.

Click the green box for an outdoor yard that lets you plant a garden to grow food for your Webkinz Stuffed virtual Animals - and for your grandkids

(At this point, you can still change your mind by clicking on cancel. After that, once you click a room, you will have to keep it. They don't currently offer an option to sell it back. It does give you one more chance after you click too, JUST to be sure you REALLY want it. 🙂 )

7. Just for y'all, I clicked to buy a room – and now you can see, below, that I have two garden rooms, side by side. 🙂

Two garden rooms side by side in the top - my Webkinz stuffed animals will be garden happy

8. For some reason, when I clicked on the new room, after buying it, it wouldn't let me select it. If that happens to you, just do what I did. Click to close the map, reclick on MAP, and then it should work fine. Click on the word RENAME at the top to rename it so you can find it easily again. 

9. Click on the room with the number

10. Follow the directions to pick two names, click OK, then click the X in the top right corner.

Choose a name for your Webkinz Stuffed Animals new garden room

11. Now, head for the Store – the W-SHOP to be exact. Just click on THINGS TO DO at the bottom right. 

12. Click on W-SHOP in the top right column.

Time to go to W-Shop to shop for the vegetable seeds for your Webkinz Stuffed Animals garden

13. Click on GARDENING

14. In the photo below, all of these are packets of seeds that will continually grow new crops every few days.

Time to buy the seeds for your Webkinz Stuffed Animals garden

15. They cost W45-W50 in Webkinz money. Click on the picture of whatever fruit and vegetable packets you want to grow (Photo above – 1). I like strawberries the best but often get others as well to give sweet smiles to my grandkids.

16. Click on ADD TO CART (photo above – 2). If you want more than one, just keep clicking that. You can add up to nine items at one time. For more than that, you have to pay and then go back into the gardening section and start over.

Since it's getting closer and closer to Autumn, I put a pumpkin into my cart. 

Harvest pumpkins are my favorites - whether for Webkinz Stuffed animals or clipart

17. Next, click CHECK OUT

18. That takes you to the CHECK OUT COUNTER where you can change your mind on any item by clicking REMOVE or go ahead and pay for the item by clicking BUY ITEMS. One important caveat on buying gardening goodies. They also offer some virtual "artificial" plants like this tree for W950 Webkinz dollars

The cherry blossom tree is cute but doesnt really grow

or this Flower which was ONLY $60. 

These flowers for your Webkinz stuffed animals are cute but dont yield crops

These plants can only go into outdoor rooms. They look nice but they don't necessarily grow and probably don't yield crops. I found this out the hard way through buying what turned out to be a decorative tomato plant, so wanted to make sure to let you know so you didn't make the same mistake. 😉

19. When you're done shopping…

20. Now it's time to set up your garden. Check back next Monday for those directions. And to be sure you are reminded…

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