Webkinz Stuffed and Virtual Animals – Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren – Part 8

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Webkinz games and activities are a lot of fun for grandparents and their grandchildren. The grandkids love the games. For that matter, many of them are also a lot of fun for us grown-ups. I must confess, I was mildly addicted to Quizzy's Word Challenge for a few weeks. I managed to earn a ton of money for my grandkids while watching TV until my to-do list started screeching at me. 🙂 Now I just use it when one of my grandkids wants to play it with me or for emergencies when I need to earn money quickly – like when I want to show y'all something.  I have read, however, that there are many parents (and grandparents) who enjoy playing Webkinz games even when their kids (and grandkids) are in school.  

Over the next two weeks, I'm going to share some of our favorite games to play together, give you a couple of extra tips,  teach you my favorite game, and encourage you to have fun exploring the rest on your own. Most, if not all, of the games come with directions, though sometimes they aren't that clear. And, of course, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I'll do my best to answer them or get you the answer.

There are two games I have NOT been able to really understand! My grandkids can do them GREAT – me, not so much. The first one is Atomicolicious.

My grandkids and their Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals love to play Atomicolicious but I canNOT figure it out

I have a VERY hard time figuring out how to play this game. If any of you can send directions in, I'd LOVE a guest post that would clue me in as well as my readers. 🙂 For now, I strongly encourage my grandkids to other games. Once in a while, when they really want to play it, I just sit there and watch in amazement and they thrill to the Webkinz money they earn. 🙂

The second game, Zingoz Switcherooz, I can actually win. I get the main point but am not really sure what I'm doing. 🙂

My grandkids and their webkinz stuffed and virtual animals love this game

Fortunately my younger grandkids LOVE Webkinz Model, Webkinz Chef, and Rock-Paper-Scissors. Those are easy to do and lots of fun. For Webkinz Model, you just pick which of the Webkinz stuffed animals you want to dress up (virtually), select three clothing items, and the judges tell you who wins.

Webkinz Supermodelz is fun - my grandkids love too dress up their Webkinz stuffed animals like their cute penguin and giraffe

It's the same with the Webkinz Chef, only there it's food you are picking. You should hear our cackling when we are playing it. One granddaughter and I played it tonight and we wound up picking the same items three times in a row. That has never happened before and had us laughing our heads off. 🙂  You'd think there was a room full of kitchen roosters and chickens come to life!

Webkinz Chef Challenge lets you each pick 3 items to make a unique recipe for their Webkinz stuffed animals

Rock, Paper, Scissors is played the same way as the hand game. You each pick one item. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock.

Playing Rock Paper Scissors with my grandkids and their stuffed Webinz Signature Bengal tiger animals

Checkers is a little more advanced and my three oldest and I have had a great time playing it. One thing we've learned is that I had to make sure I kept reminding the little ones that you click on the checker you want to move THEN click on the spot you want to move it to. We're also working on the concept of jumping more than one checker. They will often forget to do that. Though sometimes Webkinz will not allow it – I'm not sure why. It also has frozen on us more than a couple of times in the past few months. That being said, it's still one of their favorite games and we enjoy it often.

Can you picture a cute Webkinz crocodile or alligator playing this game of checkers with a Webkinz Panda

Quizzy's WhizKinz is just a series of questions, and the one who answers the most wins. It's a fun learning game. I'll talk through the questions and give clues for answers if I think the questions are too hard. Sometimes, though, I THOUGHT they were too hard and my grandkids had already answered it and gotten it right – faster than me! 🙂

Playing WhizKinz with my grandkid and her Webkinz Tiger Snake is a lot of fun

Next week, it's my favorite game. But until then, give the various Webkinz games a try and let us know which you and your grandchildren like the best. 🙂

Kaye   🙂

P.S. If you'd like to get started having fun with your grandkids on Webkinz, building delightful family memories and helping them with phonics and just plain fun games, but need to buy the stuffed animals to start, like this cute retired Webkinz tiger snake (beloved by my grandkids), just click here. 🙂 

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