When enjoying Webkinz Stuffed and Virtual Animals online - and you want to send Webkinz mail to a grandchild - click on KinzPost

Sending Gifts In Webkinz World-Webkinz Stuffed Animals Series Part 7

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WEBKINZ UPDATE ALERT – For an even more recent update – check out my 2017 post – Webkinz Stuffed Animals and Webkinz World Fun Activities For Grandparents and Grandchildren



It’s Part 7 of our Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals how-tos for fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. If you’re just starting, you’ll find part 1 by clicking here.

When enjoying Webkinz Stuffed and Virtual Animals online - and you want to send Webkinz mail to a grandchild - click on KinzPost

If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably made sure you and your grandchildren each have at least one of the Webkinz Stuffed animals and have started an online account for you and them. You’ve started earning money, (plus your account starts off with quite a bit of Webkinz cash). Now it’s time to use that money to send a virtual present to your grandchild(ren).

2017 update – sending gifts in Webkinz World is still via Kinz PostSending gifts in Webkinz World is via Kinz Post


Click on THINGS TO DO. Click on the KinzPost in the last column towards the bottom.

Choose between SEND A GIFT or SEND A NOTE.

Use KinzPost to send a gift or a note to grandchildren

First we’ll send a gift, so click on that. Read the directions, then click the arrow at the bottom. The directions explain the cost and that once you send the gift you won’t get it back. That’s primarily to help young children understand the process better. 🙂

Directions for how to send a gift such as a special toy for a Webkinz Tiger Snake

Drag up to 3 items from the bar across the bottom into each of the 3 boxes. You can send less than 3 but not more. There are a few items you can NOT send. You’ll get a little note if you pick one of those. 🙂

I sent fun treats to my grandchilds Webkinz crocodile or alligator

The fruit from the Jumbleberries are an example of something that can’t be mailed and here’s the message you get if you try. If it shows up, just click OK, then pick something else.

If I make a mistake when sending a gift to a grandchild and his webkinz spotted frog stuffed animals I will get this message

I sent these three items to a grandchild. It cost me W45 in Webkinz Money:

I sent these three items to a grandchild for her virtual Webkinz elephant

Remember when the directions earlier said it costs W15 Kinzcash to mail something? That is W15 PER ITEM and it does NOT count the cost of the colored paper. Brown paper doesn’t cost extra but other colors do – from W10 – W60. That being said, I always love to send cutely colored packages. 🙂 (Of course, when I send Amazon gifts and it costs REAL money to pay for the wrapping, I prefer to just let them enjoy the free box I get with my Amazon Prime Discount Membership and spend the real money on the present for them. 🙂 ) Once you’ve made your choice of paper, click NEXT.

Fun wrappings bring a smile to our grandchildrens faces

Choose the friend you are sending this to and then select a simple greeting. (They do it this way for the safety of the children – yet another reason I love Webkinz!) Once you’re done, click SEND

Here is where you pick the grandchild to send to then pick a message and click send

This message lets you know that if someone doesn’t open a gift you sent within 30 days, the gift will return to your account. It also gives you a chance to change your mind. Unless you need to start over, just click SEND again. 

There is a warning that pops up before the gift is actually sent to the Webkinz stuffed animals like the penguin

Then your gift is, hopefully, winging its way to your grandchild, or vice versa. Periodically, though, this process can “hang.” Sometimes the gift doesn’t go through at all. Then you need to redo it. I always check with my grandkids first to see if they did receive it or not. That happened to this order. To get out of KinzPost when it happens, just click on Today’s Activities and pick something else, including reselecting something else (not KinzPost). In this case, I went to the Curio Shop, did my gem hunt and earned W20 in Webkinz money with a Zingoz Zincoz gem. Then I went back to Today’s Activities, selected KinzPost and it let me back in to try again.


That doesn’t always happen so quickly, though. The last few times my grandkids and I have tried to use the KinzPost – both to send or to receive – there seem to have been some issues of it freezing and/or the gift didn’t go through. So do give this a try, but if it doesn’t work easily, leave it for a few weeks. My guess is, it will then work better. And don’t worry about any gift that doesn’t go through. It should just return to the person who tried to send it. And overall, this is still a fun and educational website that my grandkids and I love and we think you and your grands will too!  🙂  

Assuming it is working and you want to send a note, you follow a similar process. Click on Send a Note.

Use KinzPost to send a gift or a note to grandchildren

Read the directions and click on NEXT. Then choose a TOPIC, then a MESSAGE.

First choose a sticker - I like these smileys - then choose stationery - the virtual prices show by each item

Then you choose stickers and stationary. It’s W1 in Webkinz money if you don’t pick anything. It can go as high as W45 for the smiley stickers that move and another W50 for the Webkinz stuffed animals figures that dance. I just pick something that is appropriate for the child and we both have fun with them. 🙂 Then click UPDATE PREVIEW to see what you’ve chosen and decide if you want to keep your choices or change them.

These are currently the most expensive options for a note in KinzPost

Once you’re done, click on NEXT and pick a grandchild to send it to. If you click preview, and decide to make changes, just click BACK. Otherwise, click SEND. If you forget to pick the child’s name, it will remind you. 🙂

If I make a mistake when sending a gift to a grandchild and his webkinz spotted frog stuffed animals I will get this message

What a thrill your grandchild will experience when they open their Webkinz World and at the bottom of the right corner, they see their mailbox with a letter on it meaning, THEY’VE GOT MAIL!  🙂   They just click on the little post box and it should open and show them what they’ve received.

Woohoo! I have Webkinz Mail for my Webkinz Stuffed Virtual Animals

For that matter, I get a bit of a thrill when my little Webkinz post box has a message as well!

This is apparently an email from the virtual Webkinz stuffed animals

Definitely fun Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals activities for grandparents and their grandchildren.


P.S. Don’t forget…

Looking to buy some Webkinz Stuffed Animals for your sweet grandkids. Click on any of the photos above plus here are some more adorable ones:



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