Webkinz Can Be Fun Ways to Save Money and Play with Grandkids

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Talk about trauma! Three of my grandkids were busy working on their Webkinz sites last week when they all got a notice that their one-year plan was up in two weeks! If they didn't add a new Webkinz pet code in the next couple of weeks, all the virtual pets they already had in Webkinz-land would disappear forever into the netherworld of the internet! 

Having found Target and Walgreens to be great ways to save money on cute Webkinz toys, I checked on their stock later in the week when running errands. I was disappointed to find that Target had sold out of most of their Webkinz during Christmas. Walgreens had a couple of the little Webkinz for $6.99 which isn't bad, but all the rest were the big ones and more expensive. I picked up those two to use as birthday gifts for the grand-twins and headed home. Spotting a second Walgreens as I got near my house, I popped in and was thrilled to discover they had a bunch of the bigger Webkinz left over from their Black Friday sale for only $5! WOW! Definitely a great way for this grandma to save money. 

I now have a huge bag of Webkinz in my "gift" closet, full of presents for everyone's birthday gifts for the year AND some extras for those unexpected needs that always seem to crop up at the worst times. And being the care-giving grandma I am, I've let all the parents know that if any of the grandkid's codes give out BEFORE their birthday, to let me know. We can always add the code in early, and save the actual stuffed animal to wrap up on the actual day. 

Webkinz is one of my favorite ways to save money, add a special treat to a birthday gift, and have fun with my grandchildren. In fact, this week found me playing a snow sled game with one grandkid, a great educational word game with a second grandchild, and even adding some Webkinz dollars along with some strawberry seeds to the account of a third grandchild who lives at a distance. How fun is that! 🙂 

I don't know if anyone else's Walgreens is offering this great deal but it's certainly worth checking out. And if you spot some great prices on Webkinz toys for grandkids in your neck of the woods, do give us a holler in the comments section.  ðŸ™‚ 

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