interesting and unique water soluble laundry bags can be a useful resource for caregivers - in OR out of the Sandwich Generation

Water Soluble Laundry Bags Could Be Useful For Some Caring for Elderly Parents or Other Family Members

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The Sandwich Generation caregiver may have to deal with laundry that is extra messy - smelly - or contaminated - here is a help for thatAre you, like so many of us in the Sandwich Generation, caring for a family member – whether your elderly parents, or another member – with some type of major illness or other special needs? I just learned something new that I had never heard of and thought it might prove useful for some caregivers. Most will never need this but for those who might, here’s the scoop.

Did you know that there are special plastic laundry bags, called melt-away water soluble laundry bags, that dissolve in the hot water wash? These are primarily geared for medical care facilities but they are available at Amazon, among other places, and I could think of a couple of instances where they might come in handy for senior OR junior home care givers, can’t you? Even if it’s just to give a weary caregiver an occasional break from dealing with certain unpleasant odors when doing the wash. It may seem minute, but I still have vivid memories of one beloved’s clothes, many years later, during the last couple of weeks and I would have loved anything that could lessen that. And, of course, if you are dealing with someone with a contagious illness, that’s exactly what these are well-suited for.

interesting and unique water soluble laundry bags can be a useful resource for caregivers - in OR out of the Sandwich Generation

Per Amazon, These Sani-Melt Water Soluble Laundry Bags…designed to isolate soiled or contaminated linen — are a great way to manage dirty or infected laundry while protecting your staff! Clear bags can be washed along with linen contents. Bag ties dissolve at 40 degrees F, the bag itself dissolves in hot water flush at 140 degrees F.

Follow SandwichINK on Twitter for Sandwich Generation News and UpdatesAs I explained at the beginning, I doubt most of us caring for elderly parents or other family members will ever need these melt-away bags. But I’ve learned from experience to pass on anything unique like this because there WILL be some of us who will be thrilled to learn of these bags. And any useful little tips for taking care of elderly parents or any other family members in the Sandwich Generation are always such a blessing to share as well as learn, don’t you think? 

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