Multi-colored cardstock is very useful for easy crafts and handmade greetings cards for kids and seniors

Washable Animal Craft Rubber Stamps and Foam Stickers Are Fun for Grandkids Making Handmade Greetings Cards for Mother’s Day

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My grandsons AND grandgirls love dragons

My grandboys are so fun – very rough and tumble. If I suggest tag, tennis, or walks around the block, they are sooo right there! They still enjoy craft projects but they now want MANLY things like castles, dragons, and garrisons. My grandgirls enjoy all those outside activities, and even the dragons, but they are a bit more open to cute creative projects like writing stories and poems, making sweet handmade greetings cards, and drawing flowers, hearts, and birdies.

With Mother's Day coming up in just a few days, though, it was time to jump start the grandboys creative juices to make some cute greetings cards for their mom and great-grandma. That means it's time for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny to gather up some vital supplies like:

Multi-colored cardstock is very useful for easy crafts and handmade greetings cards for kids and seniors

Colored Cardstock – green, blue, pink, and yellow sound good to me – how bout you?

Encouraging Bible verses and foam stickers make these sweet and easy Easter crafts for children and seniors.jpb

Foam Stickers – I have some leftover pink sparkly foam stickers from last year's Easter and Valentine's Day that will work well. 

I liked this Melissa and Doug Friendship Stamp Pad kit but my grandson preferred the carsStamps and stamp pads – This is new to us. Up til now, I've mostly stuck with the washable markers and crayons to avoid problems with ruined clothes. Thus, I've avoided stamp pads. BUT I just found out one of my favorite toy companies, Mellissa and Doug, make washable stamps and stamp pads. I showed them to one of my grandsons. I thought the Friendship set would be perfect – flowers and hearts for the grandgirls and a butterfly and balloons for the grandboys. He politely but firmly said, "No thanks, grandma" and pointed to the cars and vehicles. They were cute but not so hot for Mother's Day. We finally compromised on some cute animal stamps and stamp pad The Sandwich Generation granny nanny has learned the art of compromise well - and we used it on this cute animal stamp pad setthat should look nice, yet "manly" for their handmade greetings cards. And they'll also be a hit with the grandgirls who love animals as well – especially elephants and lions! 

Brain power National Poetry Month may be over, but my grandkids and I are still having fun practicing with rhyming words. So I'm going to help them each create a special poem to write onto the card which they can then decorate. That should make for extra delightful handmade greetings cards for all. Don't you think?

My schedule this week is crazy due to the various Sandwich Generation issues I'm juggling from caregiving to babysitting grandchildren. It's weeks like these that I'm extra grateful for Amazon and their Prime Discount Membership. I ordered these in a flash while the grandkids were enjoying a new educational history series I'm going to write about soon, Liberty's Kids. With free and fast delivery, I'll get them all in plenty of time to make the cards, share them with you AND have them for Mother's Day. It's perfect for this busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny, that's for sure!

And you know what's great about this project. In addition to being easy and cute crafts for kids and grandkids, it's also a delightful project for all of us boomers and seniors – from 50-somethings like me to 80+ like my senior mom. She's going to LOVE the butterfly stamps, I know. She loves to decorate handmade greetings cards for grandkids and friends and she'll also make good use of these stamps and stamp pad. 🙂

How about you? Are you and your family doing anything special this week to prepare for Mother's Day? Have you heard of any fun party blog posts with craft or decorating ideas? I'd love to hear about them. Do leave a comment to share them with us. And have a happy week. 🙂

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    • amydeanne
    • May 2, 2011

    looks like a fun craft! I keep a stock of foamy stickers and papers for the kids to create around the house! the only downside is that I usually find one stuck to my sock or the floor! lol

  1. Great tip, Amy. And LOL – I SOOOO know what you mean about those sticking to your socks. I definitely get those as well! 🙂 Thanks for the “hot tip” about the novels at your site today – Ordered two of them 🙂

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