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Rain, Raincoats, and Walking Trails in the Sacramento Area

It’s been a lovely rainy, off and on, week here in the Sacramento area of California. Our flowers and plants are quite happy with all the gorgeous rain. I’m especially grateful for the off and on part as it avoids the floods that many are concerned about with the El Nino fully upon us! And hooray, it was MOSTLY off last night while I was helping at church – outside. Another thing to be grateful for, along with the humoungous umbrella they had for me. That and my lovely raincoat kept me nicely toasty. In fact, thanks to that lovely raincoat, I’ve been able to enjoy the walking trails here in Roseville on occasion.

Kaye Swain Roseville CA blog sharing caregivers survival guide and multigenerational caregiving tips

My senior mom gets too chilly to walk in the rain. She and I tried to take a walk yesterday in the afternoon. We made it down about 5 houses when the sky grew darker and the hint of moisture in the air turned into full-on droplets so we headed back to the house. Her umbrella would have protected her head but her pants would have gotten pretty wet as it was also a bit windy. It’s hard enough for my sweet mom to deal with pant changes once a day. No sense making it twice a day. We both agreed, though, that the walk – short tho it was – was well worth it. The fresh air, the little bit of walking exercise, and the chit-chat were all a sweet delight.

Walking Is So Healthy for All Ages Including Elderly Senior Citizens

My mom has gone from walking a couple of miles a day only 2-3 years ago to around the block for the last couple of years. She misses her longer walks but enjoys the short ones when weather and her health permit. And the funny thing is, I was never one for walking. Stairs and grandkids kept me plenty active. But now, for the moment, we aren’t as close distance-wise and I am in a single story house which is better for my mom. So now I am the one taking the longer walks and thoroughly enjoying living where there are so many lovely walking trails. Whenever one of the kids or grandkids calls, I pop in my earbuds and head out to walk. Plus I often listen to a verse by verse Bible study while walking. It makes walking a lot more fun for me and keeps me active which is quite healthy. AND it leads to lovely photos which find their way all over the place – in letters, emails, text messages and online including at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Very cool.

Walking is so important for all ages. My senior dad also set such a good example for so many by walking daily all through his later years, even when his Parkinsons Disease progressed. Eventually he walked with a rollator walker and other walking aids for seniors. And he finally rode in style in a wheelchair, often with a sweet great-grandchild on his lap. I often think of him as I walk away all around our area of West Roseville! Did you know that regular walking has been shown to help boomers and seniors to “decrease their risk of disability and increase their likelihood of maintaining independence” per ScienceDaily.com? Yet another reason I really appreciate my sweet city of Roseville CA with all its lovely walking trails, open spaces, and nature preserves. It does make walking more fun and interesting!

Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent blogger recommends our walking trails to stay healthy and enjoy aging in place for boomers and seniors and all ages including grandkids

Cute Critters and Uplifting Bible verse for Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens

It also can lead to spotting cute critters from frogs and fish to ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, and egrets! Zowie. Those always send me home with a huge smile on my face, that’s for sure. Here are some I’ve gotten to see over the past few months:

Christian blogger REALTOR Kaye Swain appreciates So many awesome critters in and around Roseville CA

Egret Joys Right Beside the Walking Trails

Can you see the egret – the little white critter just to the left at the bottom of the Bible verses? He was so cute. I first saw him in one spot, so I walked over to take a closer photo but when I got there he was gone. I turned around and he was over in a field near where I had been! So I quickly walked back to him. He must have felt a bit guilty so he stood there and posed for me so prettily. But he was also wise enough to be in “protected space” while I had to stay on the walking trail so I still couldn’t get too close to him. But here’s a cropped photo so you can see him bigger, albeit fuzzier.

Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent blogger shares egret by walking trails

A few months ago, I spotted one in the rice fields on the way to the Sacramento International Airport. But I’ve never seen one in Roseville before. Very fun!

Old Christian Hymns of Joy

Thinking of this cute egret, and all God’s awesome critters He created so beautifully, reminded me of one of the delightful old Christian hymns, All Creatures of Our God and King. The last two stanzas are especially lovely:

5 All you who are of tender heart,
forgiving others, take your part;
alleluia, alleluia!
All you who pain and sorrow bear,
praise God and on him cast your care;
O praise him, O praise him,
alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

6 Let all things their Creator bless,
and worship him in humbleness,
alleluia, alleluia!
Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son,
and praise the Spirit, Three in One:
O praise him, O praise him,
alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

Here it is, being sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale. Isn’t it lovely?


Verse By Verse Bible Studies in John

Bible study John 17 on John 7:1-13 Opposed by His Family



Coloring Pages for Boomers and Seniors and Grandkids

Egret coloring pages from walking trails joys for seniors and boomers


Christian blogger REALTOR Kaye Swain shares scripture coloring pages adults and grandkids with encouraging uplifting Bible verses for elderly senior citizens


Have a lovely week. And be sure to do some walking or other exercise and encourage your elderly parents and other loved ones to walk as well. It’s good for your hearts in a multitude of ways and ages, from grandkids to great grandparents. 🙂



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