Walking Is An Excellent Exercise for Caregivers, But In The Snow?

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We're in between storms and thrilling to the touch of the sun on our face. It's a wonderful treat, even as we read the weather report telling us another round of snow is coming in a day or so. All of this snowy weather is forcing my senior mom and myself to get even more creative with our exercise to keep us healthy, keep our arthritis at bay, and, to be honest, keep working at this healthy way to lose weight. 

Each week for the past two months, I've been watching my weight creep up a pound here and a pound there, since I haven't been able to exercise much. After the research I did for the blood pressure information article earlier this week,  I'm determined to stay active even when confined to home. Walking is great exercise for arthritis, an excellent aid to lower blood pressure, and a healthy way to lose weight. It's a win-win-win for the Sandwich Generation and their elderly parents. We were thrilled that we could go walking in the streets yesterday but the day before, with the snow coming down, even the streets were covered and icy. That spelled no walking. Or did it?

I borrowed an idea I discovered my senior mom had started doing when I was out of town last year –  walking IN the house. From one end of the long house to another we just keep walking, she listening to her beloved Grundig radio and me with my ipod (not together though, we'd be bumping into each other like crazy! 🙂 ). I have also added galloping up and down the stairs a few times to my daily routine. Obviously that happens when I'm having a good day for arthritis. Other days, it is more like slowly meandering my way up and down the stairs – not as heart healthy but still good exercise.

My senior mom used to enjoy a Virginia program featuring Chair Exercises for Seniors and did them faithfully. We haven't been able to find the show here so we may pick up a DVD of them from Amazon. In the meantime, though, this in-house walking is working. Granted, it can be a bit boring at times but listening to sermons, books-on-tape, or a good podcast really helps. 🙂

It's so important to stay healthy by exercising some way, such as walking to lose weight, keep our arthritis at bay and be proactive about such fun things as our blood pressure. This is doubly vital for those of us who are caring for the elderly – both to keep ourselves healthy and to encourage them to do the same. What do you do to stay active and proactive during bad weather? We'd love to hear. Also, we'd love it if you'd sign up for the FREE SandwichINK email for more ways to stay healthy while caring for the elderly relatives in your family along with your grandkids.  🙂

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