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Easy Clothes Seniors Enjoy Thanks to Velcro

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Easy Clothes Seniors Love With Velcro Buttons Easy Clothes Seniors

“I love this blouse! It’s so comfortable!” Those comments were music to my ears! Easy clothes for seniors are vital and I’m realizing that more and more! Lately, my sweet senior mom gets so frustrated when she gets dressed. She has reached the point where she really needs easy clothing for elderly women! Something that can add to the stress of caring for your elderly parent.

Buttons are especially hard for her anymore. So are pullover sweatshirts which she has long loved! Slowly but surely, we are working through her closet to pull out any sweatshirt that is hard for her to put on. It’s not slow due to time. It’s slow due to the fact that so many of her clothing items are full of fond memories. 😉 But every so often she and I are in the right mood to work on it together and bit by bit, we’re paring down her wardrobe of all the difficult to put on items. And bit by bit, I find and add new and easy clothes for the elderly that have special touches that make it easier for her to put on and enjoy. That’s what led to the two comments above.

VELCRO Clothing Seniors Appreciate

Easy clothes seniors help ease stress of caring for elderly parent

While looking for something totally unrelated, I spotted lovely women’s shirts with VELCRO buttons behind the regular buttons at Buck & Buck. Talk about easy clothes seniors will like! I went ahead and ordered one. You can’t pick the exact color or pattern. You have to make one choice and one backup choice. So you will be as surprised as they when these easy clothes for seniors arrives. Hopefully you would be as pleased as she and I at what you get. I chose a floral print in these lovely senior velcro blouses, with bright print as the alternate for these clothes. (You can also pick from gingham or coordinate with pants ordered.)

Tips caring for elderly parents include easy senior velcro clothes for the elderly

I really appreciated that it has the buttons on the front, with the VELCRO buttons artfully hidden inside these delightful clothes for seniors. I will add the caution, though, that if you are dealing with an elderly parents’ dementia or other severe memory loss, those buttons in front might actually confuse them. In that case, you might want to look for blouses and dresses that fasten in the back. That way, you can snap them easily and hopefully not have any confusion issues. Silvert’s has some lovely adaptive clothing for seniors at their own site, Adaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert’s, as well as at Amazon. Here’s one. You can click on it now to get full details. 🙂

One of my Simple Tips for Caring for Elderly Parents

Velcro button can mean one less stress of caring for elderly parent

Then again, maybe you and your senior parent would prefer to experiment a bit before investing in a new blouse or other VELCRO clothes for seniors right off the bat. Did you know that you can buy velcro circles at Amazon and other stores? And that some of those VELCRO buttons (circles) are sticky-backed and can just be applied to fabric WITH NO SEWING! WOOHOO! Now that’s the kind of easy clothes seniors who hate sewing will LOVE. Can you tell I HATE to sew! Which means this is one less stress of caring for my elderly parent! And according to the directions, you can machine wash them (with COLD WATER – hot water is NOT guaranteed!) I just ordered a package and am going to try adding them to some of my mom’s favorite blouses.

You can click the links here to go directly to them in Amazon. If you want to look for them elsewhere, you may also see them listed as VELCRO stick coins, VELCRO round Stickers, or VELCRO adhesive dots.

And for all you awesome skilled seamstresses, (I so wish that included me), you might prefer the VELCRO Brand – Sew On Fasteners option. And yes, they have that as well!

This won’t be a perfect solution, of course. I’m planning on removing the buttons, adding the velcro button and she can just have a button hole showing. IF I was a sewer and had extra time, I’d then take the buttons I removed, and sew them on top to look a bit prettier. Since these will be for just hanging around the house, I doubt I’ll ever get to that. And since she isn’t a sewer either, I know she won’t either. Still, it will be nice to keep some of her shirts with sweet memories and minus the buttons. Not perfect but still it is another option for providing easy clothes seniors in our family can continue to enjoy.

Need a Seamstress? Try NextDoor or Facebook or…

Another option is to check your local area and find out how much it would cost for a local seamstress to do this for you. I’m checking on NextDoor for just that. I decided I would probably provide the velcro buttons for the clothes for my seniors mom. That way I will know the proper care for them and be sure of the quality of the velcro buttons. A local Facebook group would be another great resource. I belong to three for my city. You might try typing into the Facebook search bar “Groups Good Neighbors of CITYNAME” or “Groups CITYNAME connect” Or even just “Groups CITYNAME” then watch what pops up. Replace CITYNAME with your city’s name and don’t use the quotes. 😉 Once you find one that looks active (lots of people), join it. Then evaluate the comments. If it seems like a pleasant, interesting group, you can try searching in the group search bar. Or you can just post a question.

Comfortable Clothing for Elderly Women

(Includes adaptive clothing for seniors)

  • Chanel Classic Adaptive Top For Women
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  • Description:Chanel Inspired Long Sleeve Open-Back Top turns any outfit into a classic. Enhanced with decorative buttons. Quality machine washable 85% Polyester-13% Rayon-2% Spandex. Full back overlap with snaps at shoulders. This womens adaptive top completely opens
  • Lovely Adaptive Top For Women
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  • Description:This Sensational 3/4 Long Sleeve Open Back Top draws the eye up to a lovely scoop neck with shiny accent buttons. The draped fit and soft feel make it wheelchair-comfortable. Quality machine washable Polyester Blend. Full back overlap with snaps at should


Comfortable clothing for elderly women and men is so vital for our beloved parents. And can often be a challenge for those of us caring for aging parents. So when we find a simple thing like this that provides easy clothes seniors in our family will smile big over, I’m a happy camper! That’s definitely a great thing to cheer about, don’t you think? Got any more tips for easy clothes for those of us caring for elderly parents? We’d love to hear them.


P.S. Be sure to check back soon. I have another fun and MAGNETIC clothing closures tip I just learned about while researching these cute velcro button shirt ideas. 🙂


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    • Virginia
    • July 28, 2020

    Hi. My Mom has worn pullover, shortsleeved mock turtlenecks for years and can no no longer get them on. I’m looking for something similar…. simple, solid color, cotton…velcro or magnetic great. Thanks for any suggestions you can make . Sincerely, V mayhew

    • Sue
    • October 23, 2021

    I am visiting my 100 yea old Mom, who lives in assisted living and loves button front blouses. Thanks for the great suggestions!

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