Useful Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery News and Info for Boomers and Seniors

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I thought this was a very interesting video about hip and knee joint replacement surgery for various reasons including arthritis or bursitis in the hip, with plenty of useful and encouraging news for both boomers and seniors!

I have several relatives who have had one or both of these surgeries – some as younger boomers and some who are seniors, so I'll be saving this video for sure! How about you and your Sandwich Generation family?

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  1. Very good points Scottsdale. And the best, of course, is that, when we are caring for the elderly parents in our family and a doctor recommends any type of procedure, careful research is vital. I’m so glad that your grandfather is doing great! My senior dad loved golf so I know how important that must be to his whole outlook on life. 🙂

    • Scottsdale Companion Care
    • June 8, 2011

    Good information on a common procedure. The information in the video is good, but it really only scratches the surface. It does get the point across that more careful research is necessary before a decision is made. My grandfather had his knee replaced and is now able to golf again after being unable to for years. But again, that goes back to factors of material, surgeon, age, activity level and various other things that need to be considered beforehand.

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