Twitter Tuesday for the Sandwich Generation 8/11/09

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Adaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert's is a grand resource for the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors!

The Sandwich Generation - Caring for Aging Loved Ones While raising children or babysitting grandchildren - this book can be a great resource for us

The Complete Eldercare Planner by Loverde also covers the issues of caring for the elderly parents who are still drivingSENIOR HOME CARE

Did you know cinnamon increases Cognitive Activity and helps ward off Alzheimer’s Disease?

The BBC reports that brain radiotherapy used to treat brain tumors may lead to mental decline. Extreme caution is necessary!  Per @nerdnews

Delirium is an often overlooked condition in elderly patients, particularly during a hospital visit, yet it can increase the risk of death. Very interesting and informative article!  Per @daccarte

Check out the latest EldercareABC Blog Carnival with tips to help those taking care of elderly parents dealing with incontinence, an elderly care waiver program that sounds great, and more, including a link to yours truly. 🙂


Found some more interesting walking cane resources of interest. 🙂

decorative wooden walking canes for men and women - great gifts for the elderly parents A Walking Cane is not just for walking. Think Cane-Fu. Per  @LongBeach_News


Smart canes” use outdoor RFIDs to help blind navigate. Per @stevesilberman

OK – we have ALL got to really work on our cholesterol!  More Research Links Cardiovascular Health to Alzheimer’s Disease! Per @GeriCareFinder


These cute pix of tired critters remind me of hardworking caregivers who are all tuckered out! I’m planning on adding them to my senior mom’s photo slide show along with the grandkids. What cute pix!  🙂

And speaking of cute pix – here’s even more that should give any and all senior home care givers a “Merry Heart.” 🙂

Contented dementia is a book to help those caring for elderly parents suffering from dementia symptomsHere’s an interesting article about the book, Contented Dementia, due out September 22. As the UK Times Online puts it, “Dementia: A new way to treat it – A radical approach to dementia care has been invented by a grandmother who has no medical training. Now the professionals are taking notice”  Per Maddy at SandwichedGenes

Alzheimer’s Caregiving: Home Safety Per @mike_gamble

Carol – @Carebuzz – found some great articles this week:

Great little brochure on emergency preparation for senior adults. Adult daughter rushes to ER where her senior mom has suffered a stroke and lapsed into a coma. They hadn’t followed the 40-70 rule so didn’t know what their aging mom wanted, what to do, etc. Have you followed the 40-70 rule? Inner ear disorders – often called vestibular disorders – are a common cause of dizziness in older adults.

Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars Published by Workman Publishing Company is loaded with delightful activities for grandparents and their grandchildren - perfect for building your sweet family memoriesGRANDPARENTS

This is one of those fun and easy kids coloring pages sites for our younger grandkids. It’s all done online so it’s also a great way to help them learn to use the computer.

This site provides free printables and resources of great interest for homeschooling programs. You can print out all sorts of interesting writing papers for your grandkids to enjoy using along with several other items of interest.

As I’ve written before, I do enjoy the contests online. I just won a fun personalized pillowcase from @toothfairycyber.  I’m looking forward to receiving it and telling you all about it. Should be grand fun for grandkids!


Looking for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe for your grandkids? Or the recipe for Olive Garden’s Sam Remo Dip to tempt your aging dad’s taste buds? Check out Copycat Recipes!

7 days without Bible study makes 1 weak caregiver!   🙂  Here are some fresh new ways to study the Bible.

Another “plug” for my favorite roadside Knights – AAA. “Just got great service from AAA roadside service. Replaced my battery in 105 degree heat.” Per @TomZiglar

It’s important to be prepared for the Swine Flu.

One last chuckle – This restaurant is “made for caregivers.” Hilarious sign! 🙂


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