Twitter Tuesday Resources: Thanksgiving Kids’ Coloring Pages To Print, Dementia Care for Senior Home Care Givers…

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Senior Home Care Giving:

Redefining Dementia as a Terminal Illness.  Dale Carter / Transition Aging Parents.

Excellent article and resource link discussing falls among the elderly due to certain medications at Alzheimer’s Reading Room.

Comforting Alzheimer’s and dementia care givers.  @ForCaregivers

COPD: Awareness Is Rising, But Understanding Is Still Low.  @PattyGrace

RLS or leg cramps at night for you or your aging parent? This seems weird but I have a friend who has tried it and says it works great! Anyone else tried it?  🙂

An apple a day keeps Colon Cancer at bay! 🙂

Great resource for Boomers & Seniors at Seniors For Living with the latest Boomers and Seniors: News You Can USE!

Adding a Stair Lift to Aid a Senior Loved One.


I really enjoyed reading all the interesting posts at the Homeschooling Blog Carnival at Janice-Campbell’s site. There’s some great ideas for our grandkids in homeschooling programs.

A good ebook resource for grandkids just starting in homeschooling programs.

LEGO toys and games are great for the grandkids and now LEGO brings historical figures to life including Mark Twain, Elvis and more. My grandson was quite intrigued by these and had me print him out a copy. 🙂  @prblog

Kids coloring pages to print including fun Thanksgiving coloring pages. Great for the grandkids 🙂

If you have an mp3 player, did you know you can buy simple stereo speakers for only $10 at Walmart and NO batteries are required? I just did that and now I can let my grandkids listen to stories and music with my iPod! Great for in a bedroom or you can even use them as frugal car mp3 players.

CurrClick is offering a free Thanksgiving workbook – fun for grandkids & grandparents.

Sandwich Generation:

I have always loved this quote – since I heard it years ago:  “To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am” ~ F. Bacon. Thanks to @RetiredTeacherD @Terrillific RT @gen_kenig for the reminder.

Loved this article on exercise at Moomette’s Magnificents. The comments weren’t bad either. 😉

Words of Encouragement  for the Sandwich Generation!  Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

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