Twitter Tuesday: Caregiving Resources for the Sandwich Generation

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Caregivers’ tips to meet daily challenges from Alzheimer’s Association per Carol Marak.

Husband cares for wife with Alzheimer’s at home. Such a bittersweet, loving story from @ALZHEIMERSread . Plus he also has an interesting article, Five Ways to Keep Alzheimer’s Away.

@TinaFightsFire reminds us, “DO NOT smoke when on oxygen!” “An elderly woman and her 66-year-old daughter died in a trailer park fire in northwest Tucson late Friday after a lighted cigarette and medical oxygen combined to spark the blaze.”

Sudden behavioral changes in dementia patients could signify medical issues, such as urinary tract infection. Be sure to call the doctor in this situation. Per @BethPo

Important for ALL AGES: Make sure you read your own medical records and those of your family members you care for – to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date!  Per@ mike_gamble.


A big thank you to @toothfairycyber for the cute, personalized pillowcase I won! What a  lovely gift for for my granddaughters. Since my east coast granddaughter got the Hannah Montana book I won a couple of months ago, my west coast granddaughters get to have fun with this. We are going to use it as a “special day” and/or “sick day” special pillowcase.  🙂  She also has sweet, personalized tooth fairy pillows, complete with pockets for the latest tooth! Very cute!



Got a brand new grandbaby on the way? Here’s a great solution for the Baby Shower Gift Dilemma – make or buy a handmade quilt. My area of Sacramento has 2-3 quilt shows each year and I bet most areas enjoy those as well.


Best gift ideas for elderly parents are visits and phone calls maybe chocolate too

It’s good for caregivers to know that patients don’t have to be elderly to qualify for hospice. They just need to be terminally ill and in need of comfort. It’s a great service! Per @ruthannhogue.

Are you feeling crushed by your circumstances? Lynn Mosher has a wonderful article of encouragement, The Sweet Aroma of Crushing.

Speaking of Encouragement – Wait on the Lord, Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord. Ps 27.14


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  1. Meet Tooth Fairy’s previous free #giveaway prize winner thanks! > @SandwichINK She wrote about it on her blog here ♥ >

    • Shelley Webb
    • August 25, 2009

    Resources for the Sandwich Generation #caregiver #aging #eldercare (via @barbaramcvicker)

    • Shelley Webb
    • August 25, 2009

    Resources for the Sandwich Generation #caregiver #aging #eldercare (via @barbaramcvicker)

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