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Senior Home Care Giver

Know someone in an eldercare facility? Call them! A call means SO MUCH and lets them know you care. Great reminder from @AgeWiseLiving and @PrivacyProf

Loma Linda University Receives Grant for Alzheimer’s Disease Research.  Good news from @AgeWiseLiving

Genetic Testing of Embryos May Cause Dementia, Obesity In Adulthood. @prolifeinfo

“I am forgetting to eat” by David Thomas, M.D.- A Psychiatrist with Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).  Great insights from David Thomas!

Drivers With Parkinson’s Disease At Higher Risk Of Crashes In Low Visibility Situations.

60 Minutes A Blow To The Brain — This is Your Brain on Football (Video and Text). “This 60 minutes report — A Blow To The Brain — indicates that head trauma can lead to dementia.”   I read this yesterday, then bumped my head twice today. Kept thinking of this! 🙂

@100plusclub discovered this fascinating article about a 101 year old lawyer who is still practicing law and is not retiring anytime soon! I especially loved this quote by Mr. Borden, “As long as you are capable, you ought to use what God gave you.”

Tips To Help Seniors And Their Caregivers Prepare For Surgery. Per @Carebuzz, @DementiaGuide, and @mike_gamble

@Journeywoman found an excellent resource for travelers with disabilities – very useful for senior home care givers.

There’s a lot of info about the Swine Flu but it’s important to keep the regular flu in mind as well. has some good tips for all of us in Flu Alert: 10 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Call the Doctor.


Free angel craft book. Fun projects to do with your grandkids. Thanks to @pennyraine for this tip.

For grandkids, including those involved in homeschooling programs, Heart of Wisdom has some free Homeschool Bible Study ideas, reading plans, and worksheets.

9 Ways to Save Money for Grandparents and Grandkids.

How to Make Handmade Baby Quilt –a great Shower Gift for a new grandchild. Thanks to @babyquiltlady for this tip.

If you are going to be traveling to visit grandkids over the next few months, check out the Best Western 4X the Rewards promo! Earn double, triple or quadruple points when you stay 2, 3 or 4 nights at Best Western IF you register in advance!

Another yummy sounding Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day! Bet your grandkids will love helping to make it AND eat it. 🙂

There are many great verses in Deuteronomy including, “Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.” (NIV)

Sandwich Generation:

The Telegraph has a sweet story about Britain’s oldest newlyweds who have a combined age of 181!   Per @nerdnews

WOW! This Indiana couple is celebrating their 80th anniversary!! How wonderful! 🙂

Finally, remember the article about aging parents who are fascinated with Dubai?  They might be interested in this article as well. Dubai Is Nearly Out Of Cash. Per @StephenLaughlin

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