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Yesterday I mentioned Twitter, explained it briefly, and invited y’all to join me there. Today it occurred to me to share a little more information. Specifically, why sign up for Twitter? There are actually several good reasons:

1. It’s useful and fun to find like-minded folks to share information, links, and other resources with. This could be business related, church related, caregiving related, charitable organization related, grandparent related, etc. For instance, in the group of people I twitter with, there are grandparents, elder caregivers, caregivers of children with special needs, along with business-oriented folk from the fields of real estate, marketing, blogging, and more. It’s interesting and informative.

2. It can be a great way for organizations such as churches, neighborhood watch groups, etc. to share information quickly and easily . There are several churches and youth groups that use it as an instant and constantly updated bulletin. It can be very handy to let the congregation know of an unexpected need for nursery workers, or a prayer request (not one that is confidential, of course), and more. I used to send out an email newsletter for our neighborhood watch group. If I was still doing it, I’d probably start a blog and couple it with Twitter to get crime alerts out quickly and easily, along with neighborhood goings-on, etc.

3. Families can use it with private accounts to keep each other apprised of get-togethers, prayer requests, family updates, etc. quickly and easily without having to fuss and fight with software. And by keeping it private, only those you invite in can see what others have written.

4. Speedy news for news junkies . I am signed up with a few news agencies who have discovered Twitter. CNN, the New York Times, and Reuters among others. As I mentioned yesterday, I found out about the earthquake on Twitter 1/2 hour before any of the major news sites carried it. In researching for this article, I just discovered they think they have found the cause of the Salmonella outbreak I wrote about yesterday. CNN has a story about the recall of King Nut Peanut Butter at . I discovered this information at Twitter from a news site I just discovered, NerdNews.

You can learn more about Twitter and sign up for an account at . Say a big hello if you do.

The Wright Stuff
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    • Caregivers
    • January 23, 2009

    Being a caregiver is often a long-term responsibility that can take a physical and mental toll on your health. Often, caregivers are guilty of putting others before themselves, becoming overwhelmed in the process.


    • Kaye
    • January 26, 2009

    Hi Rose, Thanks for visiting and commenting! And boy, you are so right about that! As caregivers, it’s vital for us to remember that one of the best gifts we can give our beloveds is to take good care of ourselves. Something that is often much easier said than done 🙂

  1. Rose & Kaye.. Nice comments.. Care-giving is a godly job and we have to accept it as a responsibility than as a mere job.

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