Sweet picture and words of encouragement from darling granddaughter

Twitter Spotlight: Works of Art by the Grandkids

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Do you find that we Granny Nannies and Pappies are such sweet softies, we love EVERYTHING our grandkids make, whether they were specifically for us or not. Although, special works of art that were made just for us encourage us and make us feel like we are walking on clouds, don't they? Like most things in life, though, walking on clouds doesn't last forever (at least, not til we get to heaven 🙂 ) Then we have to come down to earth and figure out what to do with the 5,000 pictures we've received from our 15, 20, 25… grandchildren as a result of all the fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren we've participated in – with both near and long distance grandkids.

Sweet picture and words of encouragement from darling granddaughter

As I posted on Twitter earlier this month, Old Fashioned Tips has some great suggestions for us grandparents of very talented grandkids. After hanging up the best of the best around the house, I especially love her suggestions Number 2 and 4. Having moved several times in the last few years, due to family needs. I recommend #2 the highest, but I would also implement #4, saving items in plastic tubs. I have one tub in my current attic and a huge tub in a storage unit back where I used to live four years ago. I keep thinking I will run out of things to do and then find the time to sort through them. Knowing me, that may never happen. But if not, I suspect my children and grandchildren will enjoy going through that treasure trove of goodies from the time my kids were very young til when my grandkids were very young. What a special treat for them someday. 🙂

Adorable pig crafted by sweet granddaughter

As one of my grandkids commented yesterday when I said I needed to sort out the best of the best to save, "Oh no, Grandma, you have to keep everything. They are all special." Of course, I fully agree with her. And if that is how that sweet child thinks now, I suspect they all will think that 25 years from now when they get to enjoy this grandma's "time capsule" for them. By then, there may even be great-grandkids to join in the fun! 🙂

Grandma loves this grandkids art

And by the way, for those of us caring for the elderly parents and other relatives who don't live nearby, another fun use of some of their coloring papers and projects is to mail them to those relatives – as is, or with a note on the back of the papers. It will encourage them and give them a big smile as well. 🙂

Loving thoughts and words of encouragement from adorable granddaughter

How about you? Do you save everything your grandkids make? Do you pass them on? Do you have other suggestions? We'd love to hear about them. AND we'd love to have you sign up for the FREE SandwichINK email so you don't miss any fun ideas and resources for Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents. 

Roarily great dinosaur from terrific grandkid

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