snow painting activities grandparents grandchildren

Sandwich Generation Tips From Alzheimer’s Disease Perspective to Snow Painting and More

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snow painting activities grandparents grandchildren

Fun with grandchildren – snow painting! I’d never heard of this fun idea before. I’ll have to give it a try wiith my grandchildren some day. 🙂

When I was young, I loved going to my grandparents on Saturday nights to watch Lawrence Welk with them. I have such fond memories of those times. So it was fun to discover that it’s time for a big Happy Birthday to Cissy King today! Here is a clip of a 2012 interview with her.


Alzheimer’s Disease – A perspective from the Front Row. Via @ElderCareRN

A New Year for Medical Advances. Via @Seniors4Living

Tips For caring for elderly parents

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Increases Cancer Risk.

This Is Why Aging Alone Is Harder And How We Adapt by Carol Marak.

Grab Bars safety tips.

Learn about more advance directives and Do Not Resuscitate‘ orders from


Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

Through God we shall do valiantly.


If you enjoy turning your photos into a lovely scrapbook album but don’t have a scanner for your very old photos, you can use a Photo Scanning Service To Preserve Treasured Memories.

Yummy SandwichINK Salad recipe at VegWeb. 🙂

10 ways to save money in 2010.  Via @FMFblog

Enjoy all those Christmas candy canes with a good conscience.  Peppermint candy canes have many benefits for all ages in our Sandwich Generation families – from grandkids to elderly parents. (And when they run out, peppermint flavored Icebreakers gum is good too.)   🙂 And here are some fun ideas for them.

I personally recommend consulting with an attorney to prepare a will for yourself or an elderly parent. If you definitely prefer to do it on your own, or just want some ideas to do your own preparation before visiting your attorney, one of these sites might be helpful.

Happy Tuesday y’all! 🙂



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    • Alzheimer's Disease Support
    • January 13, 2010

    Alzheimer’s Disease is a terrible disease that slowly takes our loved ones. It is imperative that we take a united stand against his terrible brain disease and come up with a cure.

    Alzheimer’s Disease Support Canada

  1. Hi, I totally agree about a united stand against Alzheimer’s Disease. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more information on this. 🙂

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