Fun TV Show – Libertys Kids – Teaches US History and The Revolutionary War For Our Grand kids

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Watermelon and flowers on a patriotic holiday like the 4th of July - along with cute country clipart - fireworks - and your family - great ingredients for great memoriesWith the 4th of July on Monday, Sandwich Generation families are getting together all over the place. There will be tons of fun activities going on in and out of the house. Swimming, tennis, picnics, playing tag – you name it! Plenty of eating and physical activities for all ages – kids to seniors.

Libertys Kids is a fun tv series about the beginning of the US and the revolutionary war for kidsBut, as we granny nannies well know, there will also be those times when everyone is tired, worn out, and maybe even a tad bit cranky. That's when quiet TV activities for grandparents and grandchildren can come in handy. And the perfect show for this patriotic holiday weekend is a little thing called Libertys Kids. This is a 40 episode series of cute cartoons all centered around the beginning of the USA and the revolutionary war for kids to enjoy AND learn from. Our grandkids will learn about famous people, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, while enjoying the adventures of a couple of two young teens from "opposite sides of the camp" who manage to get along better than some of the grown-ups.

It's a fact-based, interesting, and historically informative show, plus it's fun to watch. We are able to get it on Netflix as an instant download. If you don't have Netflix, you can check your local TV listings, watch at least some of the episodes at Jaroo, or buy it from Amazon on DVDs.

Love this cute country Grandparents Clipart showing them off on fun activities for Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandchildrenWhen my grandkids are with me, the TV choices I give them are usually only educational shows. I'm not sure how this would win out over some of their favorite regular cartoons, but Libertys Kids is definitely at the top of their fave list for all their educational programs – often even beating another favorite, Cyberchase. How about you? Got any favorite patriotic movies or TV shows for the family that you like?

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  • I really love 1776 – it is shown on TV on occasion in it’s very edited version – a long stage musical originally – but we have the director’s cut DVD that maintains everything – music, long debates with quality vocabulary, and a bit of the 18 century “colorful” in language and allusions – not distasteful, but true to real people. I am so touched by the depth of passion and sacrifice of this founding generation of patriots – flawed men – but attempting to do something right in the eyes of God and man. Beautiful, romantic re-telling of the story in a creative way. Also, the John Adams series (definitely too much for the munchkin set) is amazing history come to life!
    Be inspired and pass it on!
    Miss Kathy

  • Very fascinating info Kathryn. Sounds like great history activities for grandparents and their older grandchildren. Thanks for the heads up. 😉