A Sweet Treat From Google to the Busy Sandwich Generation Who Has to Fly

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Red Hat Society Travel guide full of great tips and travel helps for boomers and seniorsHappy New Year's Eve to all of us – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation! Yesterday, I posted some fun New Year's Eve activities ideas for grandparents and their grandchildren. Today, I have a fun tip for a sweet new treat from Google. I discovered it while I was in the midst of my two-part book review for a very handy Kindle resource book for those of us caring for elderly parents or other relatives who have been unexpectedly hospitalized.

Google now has Google Flight, which can be easily accessed just by typing in info into any Google search box. As I shared at Google+where I learned about this handy dandy option from one of my most useful iphone news apps, Newser –  in a search box, I typed "from Phoenix to Oklahoma City" (without the quote marks). I got the great info below in less than two seconds! Awesome! It even included Southwest Airlines information, though not their prices. What a quick and helpful tool.

    Google flights can be very handy for the busy Sandwich Generation who have to travel for the purposes of caring for elderly parents or babysitting grandchildren

You can also access their app directly at Google.com/flights/ where you will find even more useful info. Talk about practical and creative ways to save money! It should be wonderful for those unexpected emergency flights to help aging relatives – perfect for those of us in the busy Sandwich Generation who need to travel due to caregiving needs! A lovely Happy New Year treat for us all! 🙂 

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