This is what the Sandwich Generation granny nanny was visualizing for their foamie Christmas gingerbread houses f

Tis The Season for Grandkid Gingerbread House Fun…A Bit Early

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This is what the Sandwich Generation granny nanny was visualizing for their foamie Christmas gingerbread houses fThere comes a time in every grandparent's life when you realize that, just like with their parents, your grandkids are getting older! That can be a fun revelation and also a bit of a shock to your system! I've been getting that reminder several times this past year! One grand is close to working on driving skills, so we've all been discussing safe driving practices and techniques (never hurts to start em young!) Two more grandchildren reached the "magic tweens!" And then…there was the case of the minimalist gingerbread houses!

This is what the Sandwich Generation granny nanny got - cute minimalist gingerbread houses - they had a great time tho f

While babysitting one set of grandchildren for a few days, I brought out a special treat that I usually save for closer to Christmas – foamie gingerbread houses. They are one of those easy crafts that are fun for all ages – from kids to seniors – or so I thought! Up til last year, this has always been one of the highlights of our season and the grandkids have enjoyed the projects thoroughly. This year, they definitely went with the minimalist look. They did enjoy putting the houses together! And they loved playing with them with their new Squinkies I got for the grand-boys and grand-girls. But they did NOT want to decorate them. I'm referring to the three grandboys. The grandgirl – a teen – opted out entirely. More due to a busy school schedule, though, than anything else. 🙂

Minimalist they may be - but these foamie gingerbread houses make fun playhouses for my grandkids new Squinkies for boys  f

Perhaps it was in keeping with their headless horsemen motif – less is more? Or perhaps, GASP, SIGH, they are growing up???? Oh my gracious! Honest and truly, I'm not quite sure. But I'll be keeping an eye on them! As I love to tease them, "how DAST they grow up without my specific permission!"   🙂  

Such fun for grandparents - in AND out of the Sandwich Generation - at Grandparents Say It Saturday Linky Party - Do Join in the fun

Fun for grandparents - in AND out of the Sandwich Generation - at Grand Social

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  1. Those foam houses or any of the foam kits are always so much fun! And much easier than trying to get those real gingerbread houses frosted so they will stand up! I really do think our grandchildren grow even quicker than our own children did! If you figure out how to slow them down, would you let me know please?!

  2. Oh, that makes me a little sad for you. I’ve not yet felt that way with my grandsons, but I remember far too well the feeling with my daughters. Darn kids just grow and grow and grow. But the memories you give along the way will be with them forever, whether they decorate the foam houses or not. I, for one, will be on the lookout for the foam gingerbread houses. I didn’t know they made such a thing! Thank you for sharing and linking!

  3. I think them growing up so fast is the saddest thing! I feel like I’ve ‘lost’ my oldest which of course I have not, but she doesn’t have fun at grandma’s as much as she use to. I’m always looking for new ways to engage her. Thanks for linking with me.

  4. It does get harder as they get older, Connie. That’s for sure! My oldest and I share a love of Christian concerts and that’s been a big blessing. We’re already looking forward to a Christmas one together. 🙂

  5. Oh, Lisa, they are GRAND – and boys AND girls love them. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, per Grandma Kc-Joanne’s, all carry them. They are great. Especially if you catch a good sale – or buy them one at a time with the 40 or 50% off coupons. Just watch they don’t run out before you get enough. 🙂

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