Reading this Martin Luther King Jr easy reader for kids is a fun way to combine reading with phonics activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

Tips for Granny Nannies and Pappies! Low Tech Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Save the Day!

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I'm a high-tech granny nanny and thrive on it! I love to play fun computer games with my grandkids, near and far, using their Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals. The great Wii games – fun for kids AND seniors – are new favorites of mine. And my AT&T iPhone is loaded to the gills with my favorites of the best iPhone apps I can find for kids, perfect for quiet activities for grandparents and their grandchildren when out on errands.

Sometimes, though, it's VERY good to turn EVERYTHING off. I was babysitting grandchildren earlier this week and had to do just that. We had just started to play some of their great new Valentine Wii games for kids, beginning with Summer Sports 2 and the archery game. We tried for about 5 minutes, but it just wasn't working out well. I don't know if it was because they were learning a new game, didn't get enough sleep the night before, or still not feeling well (they've had colds and allergies hitting hard the last week or so), but they just didn't want to share, didn't  want to work together, didn't, didn't, didn't! It was obviously a bad case of the DIDN'Ts and DON'T WANT TOs! 🙂

Activities for grandparents and grandchildren can have moments of the did nots and dont wants - thats the time for Scripture prayers and low tech reading

This granny nanny, going on too little sleep myself, did the smart thing. Before I got caught up in all the fussing and fretting, I walked over, turned off the Wii games, and prayed OUT LOUD for wisdom, guidance, and God's help for us all to talk to each other in a way that was pleasing to God. (I've found that Scripture praying out loud for and with our grandchildren is a great way to teach them and set them a positive example about prayer.) Then I grabbed a bunch of books including their Adventure Bible and their Awana book.

I let the children pick up some of their old and new LEGOs and start playing (rather grumpily), while I started reading their Bible memory verses out loud. At first, they didn't want to join in, so I just read each verse three times (my normal way of teaching them). After a few minutes, I asked one of the boys what his verse was. He was feeling a bit more chipper and rattled it off quite nicely. We worked on those for a few minutes. Then I read Martin Luther King Jr Day – an easy reader with plenty of pictures for the kids to enjoy.  It caught the attention of both boys quite nicely and before you know it, one had climbed into my lap and the other was standing beside me with his LEGOs – peeking at each page of pictures as I read.

Reading this Martin Luther King Jr easy reader for kids is a fun way to combine reading with phonics activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

We used that book as a springboard to talk about how God created the earth along with all the people on it, and wants us to love everyone whether they are white, black, pink, purple, or neon! Then we read the story of the tower of Babel, along with part of their book about Indians. What started as a grouchy, grumpy, unhappy day turned into an interesting and educational opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God and His world. (Doesn't always happen that well, but often enough to make me happy. 🙂 )

After the "brain" exercises, grandkids and grandma switched to fun and physical activities – with plenty of russle/ tussle wrestling to make them extremely happy, along with some creative "Simon Says".  Oh yes. I LOVE high-tech playing of great Wii and Webkinz World games for kids and the seniors who love them. But low-tech is a blast as well.  Not to mention being great mental and physical activities for kids, boomers, and senior citizens alike. Perfect for those of us working on healthy diets, like the Flat Belly (MUFA foods) Diet.  🙂

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