Tips Caring Elderly Parents include podiatrist instead of pedicure

Simple Tips For the Sandwich Generation Caring For Elderly Parents

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Tips For Those Caring for Elderly Parents

To quote my latest grandkid, “Uh Oh!” Or as I like to tell him, “Uh Oh Spaghettio!” (Anyone else remember that cute ad 🙂 ).  I took my sweet elderly mom out to her podiatrist appointment this past week. She was so relieved to get her toenails clipped. And, as always, I was very happy we were doing it at the podiatrist rather than a manicurist. Turns out it is much safer for elderly parents to do it that way. You may not get the fancy foot treatment. But there is much less chance of getting bad infections! U.S. News agrees with me AND with my CNA (certified nursing assistant) textbook, where I first learned that! Our Sacramento area podiatrist is great AND much less expensive than the article mentions! That trip went great. Then we headed home, with my mom feeling toenail-happy but very tired from the outing. Definitely one of the more vital tips to help those of us caring for elderly parents.

Tips Caring Elderly Parents include podiatrist instead of pedicure

As we walked in the front door, she started wobbling a bit much and, fearing she would fall, I grabbed her shirt front to steady her. It was the first thing I could get my hands on. She was wearing her lovely floral blouse with the velcro buttons. Oh my! Talk about a “wardrobe malfunction!” Fortunately, we were in the house. And it didn’t really open too much. But I did pop two of the buttons open with that sound we all know Velcro makes when coming apart. All’s well that ended well and we both enjoyed a hearty laugh about it. I did think I should mention it to you, though, just in case you also invested in some of these easy comfort clothes for seniors. They’re well worth it. But they can pop open a wee bit easier than with buttons. I should imagine the same is true with the magnetic buttons. After all, if you have easy clothes for the elderly going on – it stands to reason that they are easy coming off as well. 🙂 So we shall all have to make a pact to be careful what we grab when we need to catch them in those wobbly moments!

Velcro Clothing Seniors

Speaking of my tips when caring for elderly parents to check out velcro clothing for seniors…. We’ve been very happy with her shirt that has the easy Velcro buttons. While browsing Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing and Footwear, I noticed they offer velcro clothing for women in the pants section, with easy access pants that have easy strips – both generic or Velcro – on both sides of the pants. My elderly mom has gotten used to her full elastic waist pants. But if we’d discovered these velcro pants a few years ago, I think she would have loved to give them a try.

These women’s pants are definitely easy clothing for seniors, complete with a front fold-down panel, an elastic waist, easy access hook and loop fastener strips – your choice of Velcro or generic, and side pockets. (I do LOVE pockets!). One advantage of the easy strips is that if the pants stretch a bit through the day, like my jeans do, you can adjust the strips to fit a bit snugger. And these pants are made to be easy, even if your parent is wheelchair dependent.

Another cool thing about Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing and Footwear is that they have a Clearance Section. I imagine it varies from day to day. But for fellow budget shoppers who are caring for elderly parents, the word “clearance” can put a smile on our faces, can’t it! 🙂

Another in Our Bible Verse Series

Here’s another Bible verse coloring page – fun for activities for grandparents and grandchildren. 🙂

Bible Verse activities for grandchildren and grandparents straight paths


Can you believe how fast this year is already flying! Caregiving duties have ramped up a bit for me in the past year. I’m overseeing a beloved back east as well as helping my senior mom as her health issues have increased, including dealing with memory issues. It’s definitely a challenge in a myriad of ways. Encouraging my grandkids with Scripture pictures like the one above bless me as much as I hope it blesses them! We don’t always understand the route the Sandwich Generation issues of life can take us right away. But we can always trust that God is in charge and will lead us in the way we should go! (That’s one of my most important tips for you when caring for elderly parents!) I pray this picture blessed you and will be a blessing to your sweet elderly parents AND grandkids. Have a great week!

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