My grandkids love Razor Scooters and the Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves taking walks with them

Timing Is Key For the Sandwich Generation

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Timing is everything! Especially when it comes to educational lessons for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids.

My grandkids love Razor Scooters and the Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves taking walks with them

We had been outside taking a walk around the block with me on my feet and  them on their Razor Scooters. They had a great time but one of my grandkids did manage to lose a shoe off his foot. In the process of slowing the Razor scooter down, he used his now-barefoot foot.

"Grandma, I burned my foot on the scooter – not a lot, just a teeny bit," he told me when we got home. As he showed me what happened, I explained that friction had caused the problem.

"What's friction?" he asked. I was about to answer, when we got interrupted (what's new for the Sandwich Generation, right? 🙂 ).

My grandkids love all three of the shows on the Magic School Bus DVD

A few minutes later, we put on one of our fave educational TV shows, Magic Schoolbus. Would you believe it,  the episode was called Plays Ball – and it was on the topic of friction! How perfect was that for timing.

I love it when God gives us a special gift like that, don't you? They had fun watching the show, I had fun watching them learn about friction easily, and my senior mom enjoyed their little pop-in visits to her bedroom during the commercial breaks. Definitely a lovely AND educational day for this Sandwich Generation family. 🙂

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