I love Trinas Happy Halloween - autumn - and pumpkin clip art

TIME for Autumn Magic for the Sandwich Generation

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I love Trinas Happy Halloween - autumn -  and pumpkin clip art

Are you enjoying being in the throes of Autumn and Fall with leaves falling and decorating with fall pumpkins! They are great all around the house – outside and inside, including as cute pumpkin table decorations. My Sandwich Generation family and I definitely are! Yesterday, my senior mom and I took a lovely walk around our new block and discovered we live around the way from a delightful farm that even has cows! My mom was in seventh heaven enjoying the country life, basking in the delightful fall foliage, complete with autumn leaves dancing in the wind – our own personal Autumn Ballet. Three of my grandkids had already incorporated fall pumpkin patch, pumpkin table and yard decorations, and carving pumpkins into their homeschooling programs.

Later in the afternoon, another went back with me to grab one last pumpkin for a class project. There we discovered all sorts of fascinating gourds including this Speckled Swan Gourd! My senior mom LOVED it! (Though I must confess, it could double as a cobra, as well! 🙂 ) The gal at the Pumpkin Patch said we can dry it in our garage over the winter and paint it next year for more Harvest Fun in 2010! image This morning, I had granny nanny-duty and we enjoyed fun reading activities for grandparents and grandchildren with some of our favorite Autumn books together! Big Bro and Grand-Twins enjoyed the stories and the pictures, as did I! I always look for harvest-type stories rather than ghost and goblin ones. Those can be hard to find! So far, I've unpacked Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!, The Pumpkin Patch, and When Autumn Falls. I'm still looking for The Pumpkin Patch Parable, which is one of our favorites! They're all fun and all great ways to work with reading and phonics skills.

One of the stories talked about it getting darker earlier which made me realize, “Oh my, the time change is about due!” I looked it up and guess what. The time change for the U.S. in 2009 is the day after Halloween! November 1! Less than two weeks! Don’t forget to mark it on your calendars.

Well, off to more unpacking. More on Autumn, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving fun to come… Be sure to sign up for the SandwichINK free email so you don’t miss any of the fun ideas, resources, and info to come throughout the holiday season at SandwichINK! (And don't forget to take plenty of fun grandkid and fall foliage color pictures  with an easy to use digital camera! Your sweet family memories will bless you for decades to come! 🙂 )

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