We are blessed to have a lot of geese and ducks and crows in Pierce County Washington - fun for Kaye Swain REALTOR® and my senior mom and YOU

Time, Audio, and Fowl Talk for the Sandwich Generation

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Happy Post-Daylight-Savings Time! I hope you’re adjusting to it better than I was this weekend! Between real estate clients, Sandwich Generation family fun, church, etc., it really snuck up on me this time. I did remember a few days ago, then promptly forgot. Saturday night, I thought of it again but by the time I woke up before my alarm rang, I looked at my phone instead of my watch and thought, “7 hours of sleep, that’s not bad.” and got up. Half way through my shower, I realized I had looked at NEW time. OLD time meant I was minus TWO hours of sleep – not great at all. Oyyyyyy!

Even nature seemed caught off guard by the time change! My senior mom and I heard the strangest sound outside about 8 or 9 a.m. My mom thought it was a zillion geese as we see them often around our neck of the woods. We went outside to check it out and found our evergreen trees were being swarmed by black crows all over the place. The noise was awesomely LOUD! I thought of all the stories you hear about animals knowing about earthquakes ahead of time and wondered if we were about to be hit by one. Hooray – no earthquake…THEN! (Hmmmm, maybe they were just a bit early, as there WAS a 6.9 earthquake off the California coast that night about 10 p.m.!!!). We headed back in and I looked online and discovered the bird swarming can be a regular occurrence in some places. Bothell has thousands swarm around their town every night! Check out this video!

From that point on, I never seemed to catch up til lunch.  I was even late to church, but apparently I had plenty of time-change-lag compadres as there were plenty of empty seats down front. 🙂  In spite of the lack of sleep, I was really glad I went. It was a sweet blessing including grand worship and a thought-provoking sermon on the book of James about the tongue. There were some great things to learn AND to share with my grandchildren as well.

Speaking of sharing with grandkids, have I ever told you about the awesome audio Bible apps I have for them? For years they’ve enjoyed “The Little Kids Adventure Bible – NIrV” – that combines Bible stories, verses, and songs for kids. Here’s a link to the New Testament from Audible via Amazon. I believe I got the old testament from Audible as well. Now, my older grandson has taken a liking to the “Action Bible” audio app that can go with the printed “Action Bible” his younger brother loves, or stand alone – which is good as they each only like their own. Both of these are Bible stories rather than the actual Bible. You can get either from iTunes but be very careful to pick the right one. I got the wrong one first – it’s a reading Bible and I already had the books so we haven’t really used it though probably will eventually. This picture shows the audio version with a picture of Jesus and the all black cover is the reading – book version. They are both based on the same Bible book. 🙂

Two great Action Bible mobile apps for grandkids for Easter or whenever.jpg

I do read to them from my NIV and NASB Bibles but as they’re getting older I find they’ll listen longer to the audio Bible individually. So I was thrilled when I discovered my fave audio Bible app – the Go Bible – which is the Bible read normally,  also has a dramatized version for both the King James and the NIV. As far as I can tell, it reads the whole Bible – verse by verse (you can pick which book to read) but in the drama version, the quotes by people are spoken by different people with very different and dramatic voices and it’s like listening to a well-done audio book or radio play. It really holds your attention well.

I downloaded the free version of the book of John in NIV for both my grandkids AND my senior mom. She loves audio books and it’s easier for her than reading a book anymore. She has a hard time listening to the regular Bible audio as it is just simply read. I am sure this dramatized version will be great for her as well and I’m adding it to my iPad as I type. That’s definitely one of the advantages of the Sandwich Generation. Many resources overlap nicely for multigenerational use! 🙂  Do have a grand and peaceful rest of the week, and hopefully we will ALL be used to NEW time SOON!

P.S. Linking to the Grand Social and Spiritual Sunday.

P.P.S. If you wanted to get your own kids or grandkids the Action audio Bible, it also comes on CD. These are all grand ideas for Easter. 🙂

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