Three Great Christmas Books For Grandchildren

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Reading with my grandchildren is one of our favorite things to do and that's even more so during Advent. I have a big box of children's Christmas books that I keep in storage most of the year and bring out around November. Most of the children's Christmas books I have are centered around the nativity. It's a fun way to teach them, encourage them in the Lord, and foster habits of reading the Bible and about the Bible on a regular basis.

Some our favorite Christmas books this year include:

God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren and David Hohn. This story is about a little bear and his mommy bear who go off to discover God, His majesty, and how He gave us Christmas. The pictures are lovely and the story is fun to read. (It has to be since I ended up reading it three different times this year. I ONLY do that with the interesting books! 🙂  ) It lightly touches on Santa when little bear asks if Santa gave us Christmas and mommy bear replied that, "No, God gave us Christmas," and no further details, making it ok  for "Santa" families, as well as those who don't do as much on the Santa side.

Saint Nicholas by Julie Stiegemeyer. Speaking about Santa Claus, I love this story about the "first Santa." This interesting story explains how Nicholas was the pastor of a small village. When he learned of a poor family in his church who had no money for doweries (a very big deal at the time!), he secretly delivered gold coins to their home. Wrapped in a bright red coat with white fur, and full of love for God and for others, he is still an inspiration to us today.

A Fruitcake Christmas from Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends. This colorful story book tells another story in the popular Hermie series. We have the kids dvd as well and my grandsons enjoy both of them thoroughly. It uses a giant fruitcake, two adorable ladybugs, and two very Scrooge-y beetles, along with a whole cast of fun buggy characters to entertainingly teach about sharing. Sharing what we have with each other, as well as sharing with others how much God loves us.

All these books are top hits in our Advent and Christmas library and will be for years to come. How about you? What are some of your favorite books for Advent / Christmas?

Can you believe it – Christmas is THIS WEEK. Which makes this the fourth and final week of Advent. It's been a delightful time of preparing our hearts and minds for Christmas Day through crafts, stories, songs, and more. Enjoy the last batch of Advent and Christmas posts to encourage you and give you fresh new ideas at Floss' A Pause In Advent. And have a blessed and peaceful week of Advent and Christmas. 🙂

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