This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny is Goin on a Picture Hunt, Gonna Find a Photo Editor

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Even my sweet granddog is sad over the newsSigh! DEEP SIGH!  HUMOUNGOUS DEEP SIGH with a tear or two dribbling down my cheek! No no no – it's not over a person. It's not even over a football team (though I hear tell that mega tears were shed over the games this past weekend – many by men!) Nope! This Sandwich Generation is mourning the upcoming loss of one of my very favorite and sooo easy to use tools! – the wonderful photo editor I love – so easy to use and it makes made my photos from my digital camera look so good so quickly and easily…. is being shut down in 3 months! Even my granddog is sorrowful for me! 🙂

Now mind you, I have a Mac. It comes with iPhoto. I tried to figure that out two years ago – and had such a hard time. That's when I found Picnik and never looked back. Now, it's time to find a new photo editor so I went back to looking at iPhoto. I did better! I found a handy dandy little instructable that helped me figure out how to crop. But apparently, you still have to leave the program and go through a regular "rigamarole" just to add text to the picture. And don't even ask me how to add one picture on top of the other. Not to mention all the cute little stickers and other goodies offered by Picnik.

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny feels like this little boy - ready to wail over the loss of easy to use Picknic for my pictures from my digital cameraThey are still open for three months and supposedly you get the whole shebang for free. Anyone who paid for the premium (me) has or will receive a refund which was nice. But when I went to use it today, even though they say we can use premium, it would only let me upload 5 photos at a time instead of as many as I wanted (like I used to be able to do). It took me three times as long to edit a photo as normal! For a busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny trying to squish everything in to the few spare minutes I have each day, that won't work well! And that definitely makes me feel like the young man in this photo! 

They are also supposed to be adding all the capabilities to Google+ which I DO use and love, but I'm not sure it will be exactly the same. Time will tell there. Then again, not everyone uses or wants to use G+, although it is quite handy and easy to use.

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny is on the job looking for help for my easy to use digital camera photosSOOOOO I am on a hunt to find another very easy to use photo editor for myself AND to share with any of you who also have that as a need. AND if you have already found such a treasure, please share it with all of us. Whether we are in the Sandwich Generation or not, that is something that is just plain a necessity for those of us who love our easy to use digital camera but who may not be that great at using the really good photo editors like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements or who don't necessarily need THAT much power. What do you think? In the meanwhile, don't forget to check out some good tips at Sweet Shot Tuesday. And to keep updated…

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