This Sandwich Generation baby boomer did not look this bad while dancing with the grandkids

This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandkids Enjoyed Fun Senior Dancing Activities

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This Sandwich Generation baby boomer did not look this bad while dancing with the grandkids"So that's how old people exercise!" stated one of my youngest grandsons, as he watched me dancing like the child of the 60's and 70's baby boomer that I am to one of our favorite kid singing groups, the Go Fish guys. First we had been listening to the 10 commandments song for the kids, the Ten Commandments Boogie. Then we followed it up with a couple of other fun songs, including Kicking It Old School from their album by the same name

Laughing my head off, I just kept be-bopping away, enjoying the fun beat in the music, the happy smiles on their faces, and the fun and physical and, yes, senior citizen activities of dancing with my grandkids.

As a baby boomer who grew up in the non-dancing 60s and 70s I may not look great but I love dancing as a form of fun and physical senior citizen activitiesI may not have looked all that coordinated, but it was great fun and quite healthy – physically and spiritually. Want to share in the exercise with us? You can find albums by The Go Fish Guys, including Kickin' It, at Amazon – or just click this latest of my cute Smilebox eCards creations below – and enjoy it (with or withOUT cute grandkids. 🙂 )

Click to play this Smilebox announcement

Ah ha – now don't you feel 10 pounds lighter with a smile on your face. 😉  I gotta say, it's one of my favorite ways of how people over 50 can raise their metabolism. What's yours?

This baby boomer granny nanny had fun dancing to and exercising with the grandkids to The Go Fish Guys Kickin It Old School - full of jazzed up old Christian hymns we love

P.S.  While this praise song album is a bit on the jazzy rap side, making it excellent for exercise, it also has a very serious message – that we need to remember the important basics – from the sweet old Christian hymn songs this album contains (albeit with an updated beat for the young kids and grandkids) to the most important basic – GOD'S WORD! 🙂 And oh, the delight when one of my grandchildren listened to "This is My Father's World" and said, "Oh, yay, I really like that song." 🙂 

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  1. You are such a groover! My mum does fun things like with my kids too. How blessed we are to have such fun and happy people in our lives.

    Best wishes for a great week,

    PS Thanks for your Christmas song suggestions. They are on my ipod but I can’t get all of them for the playlist for my blog. I’ll keep trying!

  2. Thank you so much, Natasha for that sweet compliment. 🙂 I bet your mum feels like I do – that we are extra-special blessed as a result of all the fun we have. 🙂 Have a warmer week! I’d send some of our hot temps if I could 🙂

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