The birdie getting caught in the shade trees was funny and the shade was well worth it to grandma and grandchildren playing badminton on a hot summer day

Got Your Thinking Caps On? These Cool iPhone Apps for the Kids and Grandkids Definitely Require Them!

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The birdie getting caught in the shade trees was funny and the shade was well worth it to grandma and grandchildren playing badminton on a hot summer dayIt's still HOT, with a hint of rain in the forecast. Although, that being said, the last three times rain was a possibility, it never materialized. My grandkids and I have spent time playing with Legos, working on math problems, and enjoying a bit of badminton in the shade (note the birdie that kept getting caught in the trees! But the shade was WELL worth it 😉 ) followed by a sprinkler and splash pool "chaser." 🙂 And, of course, they've enjoyed plenty of time with my latest cool iPhone apps for kids and grandkids. Last week's best iPhone apps for the kids had an educational bent favoring spelling and reading. This time, I've got two my grandkids all love that are more along the lines of analyzing a situation and applying some critical thinking skills. 

One is an oldie-goldie for us, Where's My Water,

Even this Sandwich Generation granny nanny got hooked on these cool maze-like iPhone game apps for our kids and grandkids

while the second is new this past week, Where's My Perry, both by Disney.

Grandparents AND grandkids can enjoy and benefit from the critical thinking skills practice in these fun iphone game apps

Where's My Water is about an alligator who needs water for his bath, and Where's My Perry is about a Secret Agent trying to get through to his office, both are played fairly similarly. In other words, if they can do one of these apps and get through all the levels and loved it, they'll enjoy more levels with the other. 

Basically, they are both made up of a series of mazes – always a favorite with my grandchildren. The players have to analyze how to get the water where they want it in order to accomplish the purpose they need to achieve. I tried both games and did TERRIBLE. I did get through three levels easily on Where's My Water, then was buffaloed. (Notice the arrow in the middle picture above? Those are sliders that move a big picture up and down. It took me FOREVER – several retries, anyway – to figure THAT out.) With Perry, I never got through the first level on my own. BUT my 9 year old grandson looked at it, thought it through, analyzed it, and helped me through it fast, easy, and efficiently. His 8 year old brothers have played it and enjoyed it as well. And even their teen sis loves the game! And both of these fun iPhone apps have free versions as well as paid versions, so you can see if your own kids and grandkids can pick up how to play these fun iPhone apps and enjoy them as much as my grandkids before paying for them.

All in all, these are both fun ways to keep our grandkids busy while exercising their brains with some very good critical thinking skills. And this here baby boomer grandma is going to have to play it occasionally just to keep up with the grandkids, as well as give my own brain cells some creative exercise. How about you?

The Wright Stuff
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