This Sandwich Generation granny nanny never surfed but this cute summer beach and surfboard clip art reminds me how much I loved the Beach Boys music

The Ten Commandments Boogie Song for Children and Grandchildren is Fun for All Us “Beach Baby” Boomers Too

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The 10 Commandments for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny grand kids and your grand children

Working on the 10 Commandments Bible memory verses for our kids and grandkids has been on my mind for some time, so I'm quite excited to have started with the first commandment last Wednesday. Hiding God's Word in our hearts is so important and I often  love to look for extra ways to dig those Bible memory verses for our children and grandchildren extra deep in their hearts, and mine too. The Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren usually keep me hopping too much to focus on Bible memory for myself, but I enjoy plenty of practice anyway as I help my grandkids. How about you?

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny never surfed but this cute summer beach and surfboard clip art reminds me how much I loved the Beach Boys musicOne of my favorite ways to add to Bible memory verses practice, when possible, is find a good song for that particular verse or on the subject we are memorizing. I've found a few already including this cute video, The Ten Commandments Boogie Song, on YouTube by Go Fish. It's a fun song for all of us baby boomers who grew up loving the Beach Boys and that style of music. And it makes a fun way to reinforce the core basics of the 10 commandments for kids.

Isn't that catchy? The Ten Commandments in this Boogie Song are very short, and it's definitely NOT the New American Standard version, but it is a fun song to sing along with. And it could easily open up a good conversation on different translations and ways to look at things. What did you think about it? Have you found any good 10 Commandments songs for our children and grandchildren that you'd like to share? I'll be spotlighting more over the next few weeks and would love to hear your suggestions and ideas. 🙂

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    • jan
    • January 26, 2012

    I want this for my Sunday School. Love it! How do I get it?

  1. Hi Jan, You can click here to download the mp3 of the song from Amazon, or click here to download the whole album, Superstar – or there’s also a link there for the audio cd. 🙂

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