Carex elevated Toilet seat has worked well for one of my elderly relatives and its helpful for the Sandwich Generation as it is still useable for others in the family

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Carex elevated Toilet seat has worked well for one of my elderly relatives and its helpful for the Sandwich Generation as it is still useable for others in the familyToilet seats! Definitely not a glamorous subject. Well, maybe sometimes it is. 🙂 But always a necessary subject! And that can be especially true for many of us in the Sandwich Generation. Potty seats or regular toilets for grandkids or kids. Special toilet seats to put beside the bed of an aging senior parent on hospice. I’ve dealt with both of those ends of the spectrum and more. But how about the in between?  

I have a senior relative who is definitely dealing with the “joys of aging.” He has a harder time getting around but still walks regularly. His health has gone up and down but overall he’s doing pretty well. However, due to arthritis aches and pains, he told me he was having a harder time getting up, not to mention down, when sitting on the toilet. He was quite pleased to have discovered an easy solution and wanted me to share it with you.  

He first tried a soft and squishy and very comfy padded vinyl toilet seat cushion. He loved the concept but not the reality. It was held on by Velcro straps and there was some “wiggle.” In addition, the actual useable area was now smaller because it all squished in together. This would have required a lot more cleaning, which is another thing that gets harder to do as we age.  

After looking at it in his bathroom, he opted to exchange it for a Carex elevated toilet seat and, to quote him, “It works PERFECTLY!” His wonderful nephew came over and unscrewed the existing toilet seat, placed the riser on the toilet, then put the existing toilet seat right over the riser, and screwed it all in with the longer screws that came with the toilet riser. He can now get up and down much easier, there is plenty of room for all his family’s needs, and it’s quite easy to clean.

I’m not sure if my grandkids would be tall enough to use it when standing, but they have two bathrooms in the house so that wouldn’t be an issue. If you are thinking of it for your house with an aging parent and younger boys/grandboys and only one bathroom, you might want to “test-drive” that aspect of it before installing it. 🙂  

Over all, though, it’s a grand resource for those of us in the Sandwich Generation caring for our aging parents. And, pssst, if you have an elongated toilet seat, it looks like Carex has you covered there, as well, as does EasyComforts. Always good to know!  

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  1. When my Mom moved in with us after her stroke, one of the things the physical therapist said was most important to preserve was her ability to get up and down from a toilet. I came to understand how important that was and we worked to make sure she kept walking every day and climb stairs regularly, once she was able to do that again.

  2. Great point, Carol! Thanks 🙂

    • John Fawell
    • December 13, 2020

    I recently had a similar need but for different reason. All I could find was a 3″ plus riser. I needed a 1 1/2″ or 2″ riser. I went with the 3″ because that is as short as they come.
    Great idea and easy to use/clean .
    Maybe someone will read this and make a shorter version.

  3. Great point John. I did find this a Amazon – but it’s not cheap – $149.00 BECAUSE it has arms and feet – But including it here in case it might be a help to you. You might also pop into your local medical supply store. They do tend to be pricier, but they sometimes have more specialize options. If you find one, let us know 🙂 Take care, Kaye

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