The Sandwich Generation may be seeing snow but spring IS coming

The Sandwich Generation: Positive Holiday News Stories for Boomers and Seniors to Bring a Smile to Your Face On Share A Smile Day!

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The Sandwich Generation may be seeing snow but spring IS comingHappy MARCH FIRST! WOW! Hard to believe, isn't it? Those Sandwich Generation issues can keep us so busy, we lose track of how fast time is flying. A regular roller coast on the timeline of life! We know it's vital to make the most of the moments, especially when caring for elderly parents who may not be with us much longer – or taking care of our children or grandchildren, who will be grown up before we know it! But the day to day duties of life can definitely make that challenging.

I think that's one reason I enjoy holidays and special "days" so much. They remind me to do something special with my family, even in the midst of all the busyness. And they help us create fun family memories we can treasure for decades to come. (Of course, snapping a photo or 20 helps with that too! Yet another reason to appreciate today's wonderful and easy to use digital camera – whether in a smart phone, or on its own. 🙂 )

And speaking of fun special days, there's more than a few making news that's fun for all of us boomers and seniors in this merry month of March, like:

  • National Craft Month – hmmm, I'll have to find some more fun and easy crafts for the grand kids and us seniors to enjoy – probably with a hint of green because…
  • St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner – on March 17 – guess that's why this is also Irish American Month! And yes, I'm hoping to have a list of St. Patrick's Day blog party fun coming up in another week or so. If you hear of any green blog fun going on, do let me know!
  • And National Craft Month is also the perfect companion to National Crochet Week which is the 2nd week of the month! 
  • National Frozen Food Month – hmmmm, if you've seen my freezer, you'll know it's National Frozen Food Month EVERY month for this busy granny nanny 🙂
  • Red Cross Month – a great organization!. Did you know you can also take classes from them – from CPR to nursing, and for the grandkids – babysitting training. 
  • MARCH 11 – DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!! Don't forget to remind your senior parents AND help them change their smoke alarm batteries, as well as your own! 
  • Brain Awareness Week – March 12 – 19 – brain exercise is always a favorite topic of mine as I want to be as proactive as possible for my own brain, my senior parents, and my grandkids. And let me tell you – if you are helping your grandkids with their homework, you KNOW we are definitely getting a great workout! 🙂
  • National PI Day – so appropriate – it's on 3.14 🙂  A very fun fact to share with our math learning grandchildren.
  • Poison Prevention Week – March 18-24 – That's as vital for our senior parents as it is for your young grandkids!
  • SPRING – March 20 – HOORAY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 My senior mom can't WAIT to start in on the gardening fun. How about you?

(Big thanks to About.Com for letting us know about many of these days AND if you'd like a free printable calendar with them on it – perfect to keep hand for those days you need creative ideas with the grandkids and your brain has NOT gotten enough exercise – just click here. 🙂 )

The Sandwich Generation is doing an awesome job of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren - definitely something to smile aboutAnd today? it's Share a Smile Day. Here's a sweet smile for all of us in the Sandwich Generation as we work hard while caring for our elderly parents at the same time as raising our children and/or babysitting our grandchildren! You are each a blessing and doing an AWESOME job! 

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