Stickits - Magic Nuudles - Enviroblox - Enviro blox - what ever you call them they are fun for grandparents and grandchildren

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Oh. My. Gracious! Today I was in granny nanny heaven! I went to my very first Hobby Lobby store and it was AWESOME! It had a delightful selection of very cute country kitchen and home decor including the most adorable roosters. From a sweet rooster clock

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves this cute rooster clock

to some very adorably funky ceramic and metal Tuscan style roosters similar to this cute glazed rooster:

Fat French or Tuscan country kitchen rooster decor - this granny nanny finds it quite cute

Even better from the grandkids point of view – it had a huge selection of fun and, in many cases, easy crafts for kids and grandkids and those of us seniors who love to help them – or do it ourselves. They even had lovely praise and worship hymn songs and music playing as we shopped. It was GRAND!

Of course, I still love Walmart, Michael’s and Hancock Fabrics who do a great job of keeping me well supplied with craft supplies. But can any crafter ever get enough!   🙂  Needless to say, I didn’t walk out with empty hands and, of course, I’ll be sharing the craft projects I got the grandkids with YOU, starting with this fun replacement for a craft project the grandkids and I enjoyed last year – MAGIC NUUDLES biodegradable building blocks,

also available as Enviroblox, Enviro-blox, or Stickits. Hmmm, guess it’s like the old saying, “A rose by any other name smells as sweet.”  🙂

Stickits - Magic Nuudles - Enviroblox - Enviro blox - what ever you call them they are fun for grandparents and grandchildren

I had picked up one package of the Enviro-blox on a clearance rack last year and the boys loved them. I checked online and Amazon does carry the ones pictured above but they are a bit pricier than in the store, so I waited. When I spotted a big box of MAGIC NUUDLES at a great price, I thought, “Won’t the grandkids be thrilled!” (In fact, my grand-teen and her friend came by and spotted those and she exclaimed, “Oh wow! You got more of those. How cool!” I can’t wait to share it with her brothers the next time you find me babysitting those sweet grandchildren. In the meantime, here’s some of the projects we made last year.

Easy crafts for grand kids and seniors include fun biodegradeble blocks like these enviroblox


Easy crafts for grand kids and seniors grandparents are fun using these Magic Nuudles


Aren’t these pictures cute? These are the ones the grandkids made last year. It’ll be interesting to see whether they get more intricate this year like these examples from last year’s Enviro-blox


The package the Sandwich Generation granny nanny bought shows some advanced projects that can be done with these Enviroblox which can also be done with Magic

or stick to basic shapes again. We enjoyed working on these outside on the picnic table and the weather is finally getting nice enough to do just that. It’s not really a messy project but some do land on the floor so I like the outside better for something like this.

This is definitely one of those ultra easy crafts for the grand kids and it’s even fun for seniors helping them or just enjoying the texture as you play with them. It’s an especially good project for days they might be feeling out-of-sorts and just need something basic to do.

So how about you? Do you have a Hobby Lobby nearby? Got any tips for me on what to look for or some creative ways to save money there? Have your kids or grandkids tried these Enviro-blox before? We’d love to hear. 🙂

The Wright Stuff
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  1. This is such a great idea! I am always on the lookout for fun, inexpensive, creative ideas to do with children.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your words of encouragement.
    warm hugs,

    • Mary
    • May 15, 2011

    I love these ideas. The MAGIC NUUDLES are really cute, thanks I hadn’t seen those before.

  2. Hi Holly, Thanks! Sounds like we are kindred spirits as I feel the same way – although I also keep a look out for the easy crafts for kids that also work for seniors. If you spot any, I’d love it if you’d send them my way 🙂 Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi Mary, Aren’t they cute! And very intriguing how they feel, how they squish, how they work. They definitely make intriguing and easy crafts for kids and seniors alike. 🙂

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