Fun as We Enjoy Senior Butterfly Gardening and Sunflower Activities

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This is the year of WEIRD weather! Seriously! It’s in the NEWS! We also just got more proof of it this past week with the devastating Missouri tornado and I’m definitely praying for all affected by that. It’s also in the news for boomers and seniors right here at SandwichINK!

Enjoying Senior gardening sunflower activities grandparents grandchildren

For weeks my senior mom and I have dreamed of the spring when we could enjoy gardening and sunflower activities with the grandkids. We had to get our “gardening fix” by daydreaming about the garden to come…

and by enjoying the lush greenery previous tenants have planted in our own yard’s landscaping designs.

Senior gardening is fun

My grandkids and my senior mom enjoyed some fun gardening activities earlier – preparing for fun sunflower activities by starting different sunflower seed varieties into several of my senior mom’s pots. She also started some of the plants she had earlier decided on as she planned out how to create a butterfly garden. They’ve all stayed mostly in the garage with occasional “outings” in between storms.The grandkids helped my senior mom start the Sunflower House and butterfly garden for this years gardening project

But FINALLY, after a LATE frost last week, things seemed to have settled down (or we just got desperate for spring 🙂 ). Because of health issues, my mom decided to create a mini-butterfly garden this year – to make it easier for her to take care of the different flowers. I planted a lovely Butterfly bush at one end of last year’s Sunflower activities with our grandchildren

and added a Mr Lincoln red rose bush at the other end.

Then I planted all the sunflower plants my grandkids and mom had started earlier, along with some extra seeds – just in case. It looks so nice in the yard. I even added firewood logs to outline it – and protect it from lawn mowers.

Sunflower activities fun and Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush for senior gardening

I had prepared the area with organic compost last month and, as you can see by this HUGE worm, it’s working well. I’m happy to report the good news that he’s not the only worm working hard and digging away for us boomers and seniors gardeners and we’re most appreciative. That will really help our butterfly garden and our sunflower activities.

Worms a such a blessing for senior gardening projects like the Sunflower Houses or Butterfly Garden - they do a lot of our work for us as my sweet grandpa used to tell me

Doesn’t it look nice? And we had such lovely weather – for about two days. Then, back to a nasty storm yesterday, an even nastier one last night, and more to come. Hopefully, though, our garden will survive. And if not, we’ll just start again.

Its a small senior gardening project tho it will look bigger when the plants grow - but small is good for my senior mom this year

But at least we’ve got it going. YAY! if you’d like to see some of the wind we got today, check out this video I shot of the wild and crazy weather and its impact on our brand new sunflower activities.

Have a great, and not-so-wild-weather week. 🙂

Senior gardening sunflower activities grandparents grandchildren



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