The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandson Had A Blast With Our Badminton Rackets and Birdies

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These badminton rackets and birdies make up a much nicer set than the Sandwich Generation granny nanny used with her grandson - we may have to give it a try

Badminton Rackets and Birdies and Grandkids…How FUN!

Would you believe this baby boomer grandmother took badminton back in my early college days? And would you believe I got an A in it (if my memory isn't deceiving me – it has been awhile – otherwise it was a B – and the A was in Volleyball 🙂 ). Either way, you'd never know it if you watched me playing with a grandson.

I had picked up a couple of badminton rackets and birdies at the store this week and one of my young grandsons and I had a blast playing with them, even if the best rally we could do was 5 hits – total. The sets I got were VERY cheap so it's possible they had a wee bit to do with it. Overall though, I am definitely out of practice.

He had never played before but oh, you should have heard us both chortling with glee, several times through the game. We started out playing in the lovely shade of the back yard. But the sun kept climbing and a breeze kicked up. Eventually, we called it a day when the sun was full on and HOT and the breeze kept stealing our birdie away.

Overall, we had a great time and I told him that if we keep this up and continue enjoying it, I'd look into a better badminton rackets and birdies set. It's definitely a fun game that many in our Sandwich Generation family can play and it's easy to to set up right in our own backyard. How about you? Badminton, anyone? 

Spare badminton birdies are a big help for Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandkids