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The Sandwich Generation Grandparents Enjoy Their Grandkids! Leaping LEGOs!

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Sandwich Generation grandparents really appreciate LEGOs for their grandkidsAfter a long and busy day full of the various Sandwich Generation issues of my life, I walked into my grandkids’ home and spotted my oldest grandson who was so excited. He couldn’t wait to take me into the living room to show off his surprise. Leaping Legos! What a delight to see this very cool LEGO house he had made all by himself. Isn’t it awesome? And he did it on his own without any directions or kits or anything. Just went rooting around in his old LEGOs that are nicely sorted in the playroom and put it all together – complete with a big screen TV made from LEGOs, a security door, and a LEGO computer. WOW! It definitely perked me up and I just plain had to show it off. 🙂

I, along with so many other friends on AND offline, do worry that we might be allowing too many electronic gizmos and gadget-play during the day for our kids and grandkids. So may I say, Leaping Legos!  This was a nice reminder that when they have plenty of options, they will (usually) make good use of them eventually.🙂 It’s also another sign that my grandkids are growing up! Very exciting!  (Of course, that’s also a sign that I am growing older….errr – more mature! 🙂)

And speaking of our grandkids, do they know that it is Leap Year this year and that the 29th is this week! I remembered it, then forgot it, and haven’t mentioned it to mine yet. BUT I am so appreciative to my online friends at the New Jersey Family magazine for not only remembering it, but also putting together a bunch of fun ideas for celebrating Leap Year with our grandkids, including the article, Leap for Joy! Leap Day’s Coming. I saw that today on my iPhone while waiting for another grandchild and just knew I had to show that off to you as well.🙂 Plus you can check out an article I wrote with even more fun ideas and pictures for Leap Year Leap Day!

Well, Leaping LEGOs, indeed! It’s time to finish this and hit the hay. Have a delightful Monday and a wonderful Leap Year time with the grandkids. And come to think of it, we need to remind our senior parents about it as well. I’ll definitely have to add that to my list of Sandwich Generation duties for the week. How about you? 🙂

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    • February 27, 2012

    Lego! I loved your comment on my Lego post too – as you’ll see, it’s singular in Europe, however much of it there is. We’re interested to note that it gets pluralised in America.

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