My whole Sandwich Generation family loves roses

The Sandwich Generation Defined – This Week – Multigenerational Caregiving, Including Cute Critters

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My whole Sandwich Generation family loves roses

It's a lovely Saturday for all of us in AND out of the Sandwich Generation. Don't you love this delightful posy from my senior mom's fun fall gardening activities. She has several new mums and other flowers in delightful autumn colors and this pretty PINK posy was intermixed with some. 

My gardening activities lately are primarily limited to not letting my allergies get out of hand, not getting terrified by GIANT GRASSHOPPERS…

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny was terrorized by a giant grasshopper

…well, he seemed giant at the time. 🙂

Well - maybe this Sandwich Generation grandma only THOUGHT he was huge

And going about my Sandwich Generation duties of multigenerational (and apparently, multi-critter) duties…

The Sandwich Generation defined - for this week

of caring for aging parents, babysitting grandchildren and enjoying a wide variety of easy crafts with them, and rescuing the occasional lost turtle! Would you believe, this is the SECOND turtle I've rescued from the middle of the road over the last two years – and in TWO DIFFERENT states. Hmmmm, if there's a saying – "Once a caregiver, always a caregiver" I guess it would definitely apply to me. How about you? 🙂 Have a blessed and beautiful week!

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